Lily Aldrigde, Behati Prinsloo & Karlie Kloss from Victoria's Secret Models Take London 2014! For almost a decade, the abandoned stations and tracks have stood in silence; only empty mail trolleys creaking from the drafts, outdated telephones sitting on abandoned control desks, trains mid-track and frozen in time. Relive about this extraordinary adventure into the London underworld with Silent UK detailing the full story behind the Mail Rail, how they infiltrated it and what they found. Despite sitting as ghost stations and tunnels for almost a decade now, in October last month it was quietly revealed that an architectural firm’s plans for an underground mushroom garden north of Oxford Street have been shortlisted in a civic bid to find out-of-the-box ideas for bringing life back to abandoned industrial infrastructure. Similar to the idea of the High Line, where derelict railways were successfully converted into urban parks in Paris and New York, architects of the Camden-based firm Fletcher Priest are hoping their linear subterranean fungal garden will soon become a reality. Seemingly still trying to keep the existence of the old Mail Rail quiet, The Mayor of London, in conjuction with the Landscape Institute and Garden Museum, are still keeping plans rather hush-hush. But architect Nick Worley at Fletcher Priest says the dark, damp, environment of the abandoned tunnels is perfect for sporing toadstools, puffballs and edible mushrooms. This photograph comes from Flickr user Richard Pope who seems to have infiltrated the Mail Rail in 2006.
Fresno, California tends to be one of those cities that people are 'just passing through' on their way to see something else. We're all trying to switch to local produce these days and for Londoners, it doesn't get much more local than the 2? acre farm growing fresh veggies right under their feet. You've most likely heard of, or even visited New York's High Line, the elevated linear park recycled from the city's former central railroad.
Boston has its own phantom of the opera; a vast and forgotten 120 year-old concert theatre buried 40 feet below street level.

I can't understand why the most popular travel guides aren't the ones that tell you where the smallest and quirkiest places are in every town and country around the world. I can imagine the Moulin Rouge had some pretty exotic acts in its heyday, but entertaining an audience with rhythmic flatulence? It was the kind of race where if a car broke down, the driver would have been invited inside by locals for spaghetti. London – the new perfume for sensual, sexy and modern women launched by the famous American fashion label Victoria`s Secret. Victoria`s Secret London perfectly blends delicate flowery aromas with herbs making it strong but not overwhelming. London perfume opens with notes of bitter orange and drops of mandarin combined with floral chords of Bulgarian rose, marigold, natural flowers of neroli and apple juice. This entry was posted in New Perfumes, Perfume News and tagged Victoria`s Secret London, Victoria`s Secret London Perfume, Victoria`s Secret London Perfume for Women. The US lingerie giant Victoria's Secret opened its first UK store, and its flagship European store, on London's Bond Street in 2012. Flanked by Armani and Tiffany's this sumptuous hotel is located on one of the most exclusive streets in London. Designer Stella McCartney may be the daughter of one quarter of The Beatles but she has achieved fame in her own right.
5 minutes from Victoria's SecretThe best rags-to-riches fairy tale there is, Cinderella The best rags-to-riches fairy tale there is, Cinderella comes to the London Palladium this December. If you own the rights to any of the images and do not wish them to appear on the site please contact us, and they will be promptly removed!

A reader sent me a tip this morning about a group of urban explorers who had managed to infiltrate this notoriously hard-to-reach underworld. With most remaining access points covered in concrete or tucked away in secured live postal depots, “it is without a doubt the Mail Rail sits at the throne of London exploration, laughing maniacally at the puny adventurers unable to even stare it in the eyes without bursting into flames. My guess is they don’t want to encourage unchaperoned exploration of what is potentially a hazardous abandoned tunnel system. He seems to have stumbled upon an old passenger cart in the abandoned mini railway, showing that mail wasn’t the only thing traveling through those tunnels!
The heart is flowery composed of lotus, orange blossom, muget petals, natural jasmine, black rose flowers, and fresh accords of natural violet leaf, while the base dries down with warm notes of musk, patchouli, ambergris and soft, natural vanilla.
The store, located in Mayfair, on the corner of New Bond Street and Brook Street, rubs shoulders with the designer shops on one of London's most exclusive shopping streets and offers three floors and 16,000 sq ft of underwear. Find out what's happening throughout the capital with our thorough guide to the best 2016 London events.
There is, and will never be anything like it again, its uniqueness forever unrivalled,” recalls the anonymous author at Silent UK.
London by Victoria`s Secret is a charming and elegant aroma just like London itself, however, the perfume brings a touch of freshness and glamour. In 2002, it had become an uneconomical service, losing an estimated ?1.2M a day, and quietly shut down.

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