Had quite a few PMs recently asking if i'm going to do this or that game, which has been nice. Yeah, there's a few versions of this around the net but to be honest none of them do the game justice. In any case, I've mentioned to a few people what my intentions are with this project and I can definitely see people have some strong opinions on how it should look.
Am I going Super Famicom art or an image that ties together with the cover art from the first game?
Bear in mind this wont be a quick project at all, I would expect to have this done by the end of the year.
Yeah, I voted for group shot because the forest shot makes it look too much like the original Secret of Mana's box art to me. I prefer the forest scene BECAUSE it looks like the first game's cover art, but with extra characters.
I prefer the forest scene BECAUSE it looks like the first game's cover art, but with extra characters. I say go with the forest art as it fits better with the other game and also because eeeeeeeveryone uses that other image already. I voted for the group shot, but want to add that I prefer the "Secret of Mana 2" spine text on the forest-scene box.
I agree that the group shot looks better because the forest shot really fails to capture the same sense of wonder that exists on the original game. I voted Group. And I'm VERY interested in this. Thanks for all the hard work you put in! I love the concept of the forest scene (being a bit different from all the other reproductions as well as being more like the original Secret of Mana), but I think I like how the group shot looks slightly more. More than a simple Zelda clone, Secret of Mana was (and remains) an example of the action RPG perfected. With its bright colorful graphics, detailed sprites, and top-down perspective, Secret of Mana may seem on the surface to be a sequel to The Legend of Zelda, and in many ways Mana does borrow heavily from Nintendo’s action staple.
Rather than just simply allowing you to hack and slash your way through static screens jammed with enemies, Mana provides you with a combat percentage gauge for each character. As defining and transformational as this combat system was, the most lasting innovation in The Secret of Mana was not with the combat, the leveling system or even the cooperative multiplayer–though all have proven to be influential. Officially dubbed the Ring Command, Secret of Mana’s menu system solved one of the problems inherent when infusing a JRPG style game with Zelda-like hack and slash action: inventory management. In a traditional JRPG the battles are typically turn-based and menu driven, generally giving the game a deliberate, somewhat slower pace.
In stark contrast to the random encounters prevalent in most traditional role playing games, hack and slash action games are littered with enemies that pose an immediate threat the moment you enter a new screen or area. Thankfully, Square solved this looming problem by incorporating the aforementioned Ring Command into Secret of Mana. The Ring Command is an icon-based menu system that can be summoned on the fly, literally at the touch of a button. The Ring Command gave Square the ability to incorporate the complex menu system of a traditional JRPG, without losing the player in a catacomb of windows and text.
Many action games have since implemented a menu system built on the overall design philosophy of the Ring Command, proving that some of the concepts from the formative years of video game design still hold great importance in the continued refinement of video gaming as a whole. Filed Under: moustacheclubofamerica Tagged With: Legend of Zelda, Nathan White, Nintendo, Nostalgia, RPG, SNES, Square, Square Enix, Video Games are Rad About Nathan WhiteHEY!

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It's really short; it only lasts up to after you're banished from the village, but the little it has is quite humorous.
You need a Super Nintendo emulator in order to play the game - click here for my collection!
There’s nothing that brings back feelings of nostalgia like firing up a good old fashioned Super Nintendo game. Featuring a Zelda-like top-down view and real-time battle system, Secret of Mana was a breath of fresh air from Square Enix’s typical turn-based RPGs. Available for a cool $9 on Google Play, Secret of Mana features a slightly tweaked interface (perfect for potato fingers) and 360-degree character movement (original game only had 8-directional movement).
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With that in mind, I'm hoping to use this thread to get feedback on the fly from you guys about just what you want to see happen with this CIB. That cover is completely finished, the forest scene needs a lot of work and rebuilding to be appropriate for print. Like mentioned above, it captures the essence of Secret of Mana which I find to be a positive thing. 2. I feel like if it had come out in territories other than Japan in the 90s Square would've used that image again. However, it’s obvious after spending any measurable amount of time with the game that it is a different animal. Using your weapon (successfully or not) causes the combat gauge to fall to zero, its recharge speed based upon what type of weapon is equipped and your character’s individual stats.
After each battle (and sometimes mid-battle) you are able to change equipment and use items via the menus. This immediate threat and faster style of gameplay makes the use of standard JRPG menus inefficacious. Activating the Ring Command pauses the action and brings up a ring of icons over the dimmed playscreen.

The Ring Command was polished even further when it next  appeared in the Japanese-exclusive Mana sequel Seiken Densetsu 3 two years later. Secret of Mana is an epic game and I seriously have it on my iPhone right now (waiting to play after I beat Final Fantasy Tactis–again).
If you need assistance with any of the emulators offered in my site, check out my emulation help subsite: Video Game Emulation for Newbies. The combination of 16-bit visuals and old-school soundtracks can instantly teleport you to a time when life was all about pogs, slap bracelets, and memorizing time tables. The release shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, Square Enix announced an Android port was due sometime in the fall back in August.
The phone looks eerily similar to a flagship line from another Android manufacturer… Can you guess who? The patent describes smartwatches with tiny projectors that beam the UI onto the user’s skin, which can be interacted with like a regular (much larger) display. I've seen other group art covers before but the lush [rain]forest-esque look of the Secret of Mana covers is what seems to make it stand apart from other series'. Secret of Mana, true to Square’s nature, incorporates into the Zelda formula a complex JRPG-style levelling system and a completely unique combat mechanic. The gauge represents the percentage of damage dealt with each blow, so it is imperative that you plan your strikes for maximum efficiency. Imagine being in the heat of a boss battle, dodging attacks and frantically trying to get in close to deal damage to the monster’s weak point–only to realize you are low on health and need to use an item. These icons can then be cycled through via the D-pad, allowing for a minimal break in action. I was a little to young when this originally came on and jumped on the bandwagon with the Sword of Mana. XD The spoof patches for Final Fantasy 5 and Chrono Trigger are much better (which I also have for download). After launching for iOS back in 2010, Square Enix was kind enough to finally bring the 1993 classic Secret of Mana to Android devices. Unlike The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, where guns-blazing was often an effective strategy, this method rarely worked in Mana and the player is more likely to be punished for eschewing strategically coordinated attacks. Even games that utilize Active Time Battle systems have the option to set the combat to “wait”, allowing you time to plan attacks and actions accordingly. So you hit the start button and go to a menu screen, and then into a sub-screen, and then you select your item, and then the character to use it on, and then back out of all the menus back to the action.
Also accessible through the Ring Command are character stats, controller layout, battle tactics, party AI and more; all conveniently accessed via a single screen just one button away from the action. You could even be in your own home and your roommate or spouse doesn’t want to hear the TV.
Do this two or three times and you have effectively killed the flow of the battle and sullied the entire combat experience.

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