From Secret of Mana up ’til Dawn of Mana this bizarre series is a head-scratcher for its fans. At the base of the gargantuan tree, three travellers are dwarfed as they stand in silent splendor. As time moved away from Secret of Mana the art moved in a more vibrant and lively direction. I really wish the game and level designers approached the Mana games with the same respect, thought, quality, talent and vision that the artists have but sadly they didn’t. Subscribe to our weekly wallpaper newsletter and receive the week's top 10 most downloaded wallpapers.

It started back in the day when one of the greatest games ever made, Secret of Mana, was released on the SNES. This image illustrates that well because the serenity and calm of the old SNES game is ditched in favour of a dynamic, cropped composition; the mossy sedate greens are traded for a saccharine rainbow scheme and the whole thing looks like a firework display in candy-land. Look at the individual pale green leaves framing the picture on the left and the super fine dots of earthy greens and oranges on the right; they are just beautiful and feel so textured and natural. This beautiful art was done a massive disservice by tired, obvious and repetitive design and the potential for a game like the original Secret of Mana was lost time and time again. The cyan of the sky is reflected in the water above which, resting contently against Rabite the series icon and the wistful girl enraptured by swallows, lifts her hand.

Since then the art and soundtrack of each game have been brilliant but the games themselves have been treated so badly it’s impossible for even the staunchest of fans to give a crap any more. While it seems incredibly lush and deep there is still space to breathe indicated by the cranes whose momentum lifts the image. Again it’s so optimistic but this time we get a feeling that these two characters are living, surrounded and are almost part of the forest.

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