Elizabeth, an art director at Bon Appetit magazine and Preston, a talented musician, were married on the spectacular grounds of Liberty View Farm in Highland, New York.
Thanks so much to Heidi Benjamin Photography for the super lovely photos and big congrats to Elizabeth + Preston! Elizabeth hand-wrote 180 names on fun colored circles + Preston stamped the backs with their table numbers.
Each of the reception tables featured a unique runner crafted from vintage dollies Elizabeth had collected from estate sales.
Always remember that you can really do whatever you want, there really shouldn't be any rules - everyone will want to tell you they way THEY would do it or did it but stick to your guns.
They allowed the beautiful + rustic setting (which looked like it was straight out of a Wes Anderson film!) and their creative backgrounds guide their overall ideas + plans. On the flight home (we were living in New York) we made a list together of our Wedding Wants.

As much as it is SO TRUE that the day zooms by in a blur, but two really special moments were 1. When it came to the details + design, these two hand-crafted their entire wedding from the ground up, DIYing literally every aspect of the day! We figured it was the best time to do our wish list, before everyone (EVERYONE) got their two cents in. When Preston, as he was about to start his vows, motioned to the live band we had and they started to play the opening chords to Today by the Smashing Pumpkins. From the balloon lined aisle to the rainbow-inspired escort display to the hand-sewn vintage doily table runners, this wedding includes so many incredibly fun elements that are sure to inspire all of you who are planning a handmade celebration of your own!
We both knew we wanted to get married outside, in the summer, and have it be a big friend + family fest. Wanted it to be destination-lite (easy drive from Manhattan) and feel like a fun summer party.

I got pretty intense about what I wanted, but my husband can be pretty specific too,so we just worked together and agreed to only do what we both wanted!
The other quite memorable moment was my dad leading a conga line, holding a bottle of Raki in one hand and shot glasses in the other!! Preston came up with ours (#epomg) while I was designing our Save The Dates and we put it on everything from the start.
We ended up with 450+ instagrams which was the best next day (and months later) way to see everything our guests saw!!!

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