I believe that the Volt will be the next special vehicle that will not rest in a junkyard for a long time. Let us wait until the Volt is more common and maybe GM will not follow or recover all the Volts when they are damaged.
I've fixed a few Corvettes over the years and let me assure you there are plenty of Corvettes in junkyards.
I'd expect that the heat of a fire would do nothing good to the strength of the High Strength Steel used in the Volt.
Secret Garden Party have announced a whole host of new acts and features across their 14 stages for this year’s 4-day music & arts extravaganza.
A short distance away the Fools on the Hill, begin their Wonky Races, down a Slip n Slide, like a rolling stone, around the craziest course and haircuts since Pat Sharpe and the 80’s. The Great Lake will be home again to an iconic centre piece, art installation, and party venue, lovingly designed and built by the infamous PirateTechnics crew.
This year we celebrate the coming of our new 24-hour pub, hosted by our very own Diamond Dogs. To open, close and lead the Gardeners to the seminal activities of the Party our merry band of performers, musicians, merrymakers, floats and boats will lead you around the Garden.
Close up magicians, night time fires site-wide with ghost storytellers, poetry and live music to keep the cockles warm on those star-kissed nights.

Nestled away, past the magical weeping willow, the Arts Garden will be a place to reflect and get involved in creating our own SGP gallery. We are keeping most of our art installations under wraps this year but rest assured the Head Gardener has something really special in store. Gawp in amazement as two wild homosapiens are held in captivity for your shock and delight.
No festival is complete without homage to the ways things used to be and quite possibly will be again.
I also believe that the two crashed Volts reported here in different posts will be restored and resold by Chevy. This year we aim to open the lake up for more mass participative games, more boating & punting opportunities, wild swimming and places of reflection where you’ll be able to sit, eat, drink and relax. Equipped with an Ace up their sleeves and a pool cue behind their back, these dogs will host a spectrum of classic back bar games, pool tournaments, illicit poker matches … but be warned, they’ve been known to start a bar brawl or two before. Expect the unexpected, led by our friends Perhaps Contraption, Megatraption Bands a full Orchestra and Choir and more animals (humans dressed as) than you can shake a zoo at.
You’ll be able to learn a series of techniques from our resident artists, from sculpting a full-size body cast to life drawing, creating a stained glass window installation – where you’re the artist. Imprisoned in a human-scaled hutch (for the entire weekend) and isolated from their own kind, watch as these well-heeled, career-driven primates lose their petty social norms and descend into primitive squalor before your very eyes.

The Corvette is such a special vehicle that is 100% repairable, and anyone who damages their Corvette in a crash can repair it and resell it.
It was probably disassembled to see the real damages, but it could also be refurbished, rebuilt and resold. Taking inspiration from Hoberman – a robotic engineer from the early 90’s, it uses a scissor-like structure to create a geodesic dome around you. From Woodwork and Whittling, Stone Carving and Forging, to UpCycling everyday trash into a masterpiece to take home.
If GM continues this practice of picking up and fixing damaged Volts, probably due to the scarcity of newer Volts, we may never see a Volt in a junkyard in the U.S. Our Witches of Odd will teach you the ways of the Apothecary and spells, providing a comprehensive magic experience to meet the demands of modern day life.
A central podium will take 5 peoples’ pulse readings, feed it through a piece of software, then make dynamic musical compositions with projected visuals as Gardeners come and go.
Witches of Odd (WoO) is all about a suspension of disbelief and seeing life through a new, magical perspective.

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