Why they titled this TV movie "the secret life" is beyond me since there was pretty much no secret in the events portrayed, owing largely to Ms. The 2-disc region-free (playable worldwide) set comes to you in a slim double-DVD case with full artworks as shown here. Lingerie giant Victoria's Secret will not broadcast the American Indian headdress look as modelled by Karlie Kloss after numerous complaints. Top American model Karlie Kloss's newly bobbed hair was the subject of much discussion backstage at last week's Victoria's Secret show, but once she made it out onto the catwalk, talk turned to what she wore atop her new 'do.
Thousands of comments of a similar vein led the retailer to publish the following statement: "We are sorry that the American Indian headdress replica used in our recent fashion show has upset individuals. The annual catwalk extravaganza, which cost upwards of A?10 million dollars to stage and featured 65 outfits, is due to be broadcast on the CBS channel in the US on December 4, and is one of the most watched programmed on American TV. Chicago-born Kloss, 20, also took to her Twitter page to apologise, writing: "I am deeply sorry if what I wore during the VS Show offended anyone. Earlier this month the newly reformed pop band No Doubt pulled the video for their new single Looking Hot after lead singer Gwen Stefani was depicted playing an Indian princess who is captured by cowboys and subsequently rescued by an Indian chief.

An exclusive tour of a top secret construction site reveals one of the most expensive homes in America and a whole lot of WOW! Reported by CNBC’s Robert Frank, the series unlocks the mansion gates and scores you the ultimate VIP access to a world inhabited by the wealthiest people on the planet. Duke's position as a well-known billionairess philanthropst and all-around goof-ball, which pretty much assured that every scandal that occurred in her life was well-publicized as it transpired.
This 2-DVD set totaling 175 minutes was honed from what was originally a 4-part miniseries clocking in at 240 minutes in its entirety and which seems not to be available anywhere via any sources I know of. He talks about why you can achieve anything you can believe, and outlines a simple way in which you can get started doing that. Because it changed my entire life, and paved the way for my helping to change the lives of millions of people, some of them not yet born. So you'll have to content yourself with this trimmed back version of the wild ride that was Ms. Duke as we traverse the mishaps, scandals and romances that only money can buy, starting with Hayden Panetierre (of TV's "Heroes" sci-fi series) as the young Doris, who loses her loving father at an early age and is then brought up by an exceeding cold mother who gives the impression that she wished the girl didn't even exist.

Panetierre a bit along the line becomes Lindsay Frost (of the 2-part TV true-life chiller "Dead By Sunset", also offered here by me), who whirlwinds her way through much of the rest of Doris' life from her 20's through her 50's, which included 2 failed marriages, multiple affairs, and a disastrous late-in-life adoption which, to put it lightly, didn't end well.
Much later, Frost becomes Lauren Bacall as the elderly Doris, who becomes involved in a scandal-ridden affair with her butler, the "faithful" Bernard Lafferty (Richard Chamberlain), whom Doris names as the primary beneficiary in her multi-versioned will. Since the film actually starts out with Bacall in this role, planning her own death, the large body of this 2-part film is actually one big flashback which starts and ends with Doris as she re-lives her trauma- and scandal-filled life.
Naturally, everyone in Doris present sphere is certain Lafferty hastened Doris' death by some indeterminate means in order to collect the booty he'd "earned", but these accusations were never proven. If this part of the story sounds familiar, it may be because it was re-told in 2007 as the critically-praised (unlike this effort) film "Bernard and Doris" starring Susan Sarandon and Ralph Fiennes in the title roles.

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