Meanwhile, "Oh My Venus" Kang Joo Eun (played by Shin Min Ah) plays the role of a workaholic lawyer who has no regard for her body. At this, Kim Young Ho said, "Kang Joo Eun cares about me?" Kang Joo Eun said, "Of course you didn't know? If you look at that, Venus figurine from the Swabian Jura, you can see how 35,000 years ago they were obsessed with huge boobs and a huge vagina. The Venus shows a range of entirely unique features as well as a number of characteristics present in later female figurines. The Venus has a short and squat form with a waist that is slightly narrower than the broad shoulders and wide hips. In addition to the many carefully depicted anatomical features, the surface of the Venus preserves numerous lines and deliberate markings. The story is quite intersting, thanks for bringing attention to the feet i never noticed it. The figure holds a wisent horn, or possibly a cornucopia, in one hand, which has 13 notches. The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC.
Trump as the Ultimate Enigma: America First Visionary or the Trojan Horse of Adelson, Foxman, and The Tribe? Once a Bright and Rising Star, a great economic engine and the hope of the World, America has been transformed into an International Terror Factory with a collapsing economy. Who has been pulling all the strings and taking America apart at the seams, trashing the Constitution, Bill or Rights and everything American Soldiers have fought for since the Declaration of Independence? To understand who are the real Powers That Be (PTB), one must be willing to temporarily enter the twilight zone and take a trip deep into a rabbit hole.
True Pyramid Power is the bureaucratic political organizing of society into power control hierarchies, some known and the most powerful ones unknown, it is not the power of the Giza pyramids. Note:  This is a long article with sections that some readers will find irrelevant, tiring or boring. It is generally recognized by top researchers of covert world power that the top of the pyramid are select individuals who are representatives of the “Old Black Nobility”(OBN) of Europe which go all the way back to Venice, Rome and even perhaps even to ancient Babylon.
These folks are known for their secret knowledge and skills in the “Black Arts” using “human alchemy”, the powers of trauma based mindkontrol, numerous “magickal” arts, the power of secret assassinations using poisons, and allegedly deep and conventionally unknown Psi-power. Some have alleged that Vlad the Impaler was the model user of this Third Force pure evil and serves as an historical example of unbridled terror and murder, an illustration of what the characteristics are of those at the top of the pyramid of control that truly run the world today who seem to crave mass death from war and eugenics. Certainly this type of evil appears to have infested those who pull the strings of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and many other nations as well as the City of London Banksters and the so-called Royal family. It has also been alleged that these folks have had long term relations with alien trans-dimensional entities which have superior technical knowledge and highly developed mindkontrol skills, but are evil beyond humans normal imagination to fathom. The Old Black Nobility (OBN) are alleged to be the rulers of the covert world which should be considered to be the New Roman Empire. These folks are reputed to be the head of a secret New Roman Empire essentially cast according to the structures of the old Roman Empire and also based on many of its ancient mythical gods and occult practices.
The main or first level of Cutouts of the OBN is believed to the City of London Banksters.  Some say these folks are comprised of the top ranking of the “thirteen satanic bloodlines”, others claim they are part of an interlocked worldwide system of occult based esoteric, Luciferian groups. It is generally recognized that the next level of control is the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) (1) which is a direct Cutout for the London Banksters.  So the London Banksters serve as the Kingpins for the SSG which are their Cutouts. And the SSG serves as Kingpins for the next level of control which is the Intel agencies and the Non-profit foundations and think tanks and their Lobbying groups and Lobbyists which serve to buy and own the American politicians and USG officials for the Banksters. And the US Administration is also a direct Cutout for the SSG and in turn serves as a Kingpin for the various Cutouts running each USG agency. The use of Cutouts provides layers of insulation and deniability from blame for the Kingpins and is considered essential and basic tradecraft. By now it should be clear that the use of a Cutout creates an insulating barrier of deniability for the actual string pullers of any USG act.  The more middlemen or Cutouts involved, the greater the degrees of separation from the primary perp who is responsible.

The greater the number of the layers of separation, the greater the deniability of those who are the true string-pullers behind the curtain and the less likely their exposure becomes, nor is it possible to ascertain the true motives for the decisions and actions of the Cutouts doing the dirty work for the PTB.  Instead trite and false cover stories are dispensed as USG propaganda by the six major mass media. This insulation can become so great that it is almost impossible for ordinary citizens to be able to understand the actual USG actions that are being imposed on them or the base policies behind them which motivate the very top string pullers who have absolute “Cesarian authority”. Use of cutouts is basic intel tradecraft and helps keep the true motives of those pulling the strings of society secret from the public who would then be able to start asking too many questions about the legitimacy of the authority of the PTB.  The hidden hand prefers to remain hidden because exposure weakens and threatens such entities with eventual erosion and complete loss of power. It cares nothing for the America People which is in the process of asset stripping and taking their basic constitutionally guaranteed Rights.  Nor does it care a whit about any of its victims of World Terror and unprovoked illegal wars.
And although the SSG claims it is hard at work “protecting the security and well-being” of America, nothing could be more obviously further from the truth.  The SSG is working hard to KILL AMERICA (2) by asset stripping it and trafficking in massive amounts of illegal drugs in order to finance highly criminal and anti-human Black Operations all over the world in order to create a NWO Globalist System. And obviously all the recent Mideast illegal wars have been waged to protect the Banksters US Petro Dollar (3) and to make massive war profits for offshore corporations at the expense of the American taxpayer, the American Soldiers and the people living in the nations attacked.
When the OBN completes their current agenda and “drops the hammer” on the SSG, these SSG top Cutouts will find out they have been set up and conned into being traitors to America they will be shocked beyond belief.
And when they find out that like most other Cutouts they are going to be tossed on the trash heap of history by those they stupidly served, they will be horrified and feel completely betrayed like the way they betrayed America the Republic, American taxpayers and Citizens.
Any Cutout is always potentially disposable and almost always ends up tossed on the trash heap of history when the Kingpins are done with them. When a Kingpin decides it is desirable, he can “cut loose” any of his Cutouts anytime he decides he no longer needs their services since he has absolute Cesarian power. This kind of decision can be made for any number or reasons, such as being necessary to protect one’s identity by attributing complete blame to a Cutout.  Serving up a cutout for exposure and accountability can protect the Kingpin.
Many believe that the decision has already been made by the top Kingpins, the Old Black Nobility (OBN) to cut loose their chief cutouts, the City of London Banksters and their whole Babylonian system of their worldwide web-of-debt by staging the demise of the US Petro Dollar and by building up the alternative BRICS system using China as their poster child for the NWO Globalist system they have been building for centuries.
Use of frontmen, proprietaries and shadow banks to provide layers of insulation and abject plausible deniability has become the mainstream of intel tradecraft today. William Colby once stated after his retirement from being Director of the CIA, that the Company’s greatest achievement was to acquire control over almost every single newscaster and mass media news outlet.  William Casey another Director of the CIA once stated that the Company’s final success would be when every news story was believed by the public and would actually be untrue. Almost every single major industry or business in America is either owned or controlled by the American Intel agencies or foreign intel such as the Mossad who are alleged to control most communications systems inside America. The CIA was the apparent successor to United Fruit in South America which was rumored to have been called “the Company” at the time and was allegedly the prototype for the development of the CIA later, which essentially became embedded and disguised within numerous proprietary front companies all over the world as well as inside the Continental USA which is a violation of their charter and technically makes them a RICO crime syndicate because of their massive trafficking in illegal drugs into America and around the world as well as massive illegal arms trafficking.
Due to its use of remote control drone’s and their missiles which have been deployed in the Mideast and Africa, and now 30,000 armed drones have been ordered for America, as well as all of its assassinations and use of privateers and mercenaries to mass murder, the CIA is now considered to have become little more than a murder machine specializing in the trafficking of illegal narcotics and illegal arms.
Who do you think sold Saddam Hussein the bio-weapons precursor chemicals he later destroyed in an attempt to avoid invasion by America?
So back to the question of who is really making operational decisions for the USG and Congress? It is now generally realized by top researchers that Congress is the visible USG but not the real one, which actually is the invisible Secret Shadow Government (SSG). It has been testified that President Eisenhower was fully aware that alien entities were present in America and that there was reason to believe that Eisenhower had met with them and formed a treaty. Apparently MJ-12 came out with a very negative policy about disclosing the UFO recovered craft and aliens, alive and dead, after a split of opinion occurred. It has been alleged that these powerful alien entities have been here before serving as the classical “gods” of Greek and Roman legends and desire to come back and take over again in complete openess. Not surprisingly, some researchers believe they are back and desire to reassert themselves publicly someday and take over as cruel, dictatorial “gods” who demand absolute obedience and require continual human sacrifice such as has been attributed to the Aztecs and other groups in history.
Some have suggested that these alien entities are basically energy vampires who somehow are able to feast of the energy of the innocent they oppress, sexually abuse and often murder, especially young innocent children. Some researchers have taken this even further and speculated that the overall goal of these entities who are in charge is to use psi-power by high tech mindkontrol, a worldwide web of interlocked occult organizations, TV, mass media and Hollywoodism (movies and culture) to breakdown the family, and  capture and direct the souls of humans, replacing them with offshoots of their own evil spirits in a complex attempt to create a master hive with them as the controllers of a purely luciferan world system of evil. Top former OSS psyops experts decided to use the “blown cover as cover” method during the 1960’s when there were starting to be too many leaks about additional UFO crashes and recovered craft, especially a big one on Long Island.
Thus it is sensible to conclude that the SSG and MJ-12 are the most evil entities ever assembled inside America.  Obviously these organizations are run at the top by criminal psychopathic murderers and enemies of the state, folks with no consciences and no apparent souls, and no apparent humanness either.

If anyone wants to understand why there is so much evil now being perpetrated upon Americans and all over the world by the America military and US Petro Dollar System, all one has to do is gain a detailed understanding of what the SSG is, and who these MJ-12 criminals are that staff it.  Yes, these folks are the true scum of the earth and routinely impose secrecy by invoking “national security” to cover their most evil anti-human acts and crimes against humanity. Majestic Twelve has twelve members and each one has been fully briefed on the Alien situation and the existing treaties which have been made with them. It is not hard to identify who the current members of Majestic Twelve are.  They are numbered 1 through 12 and the lower the number, the more power each member has. This feminine scent contains a blend of lavender, bergamot and spice, blended with a floral heart and low notes of sandalwood and patchouli.
14th, Kim Young Ho (played by So Ji Sup)'s illness was discovered by Kang Joo Eun (played by Shin Min Ah). Jobs’ widow Laurene Powell Jobs and their three children participated in the christening and the launching of the super yacht Jobs designed with the custom yacht firm Feadship.
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They have been reputed to have a lust for shedding human blood and human sacrifice and it has been alleged that they have been anointed with what has been anecdotally referred to as “teaming power of Lucifer”. Some researchers have suggested that the OBN are actually hybrids and part Draco.  This would certainly explain a great deal of their mastery of the evil, anti-human black arts and psi-power and the various world systems featuring those principals they have set up through their subordinates or cutouts all over the world for many centuries.
Their narcissistic sociopathy provided by the power that secrecy and the invocation of national security has provided, will not allow them to see this coming in advance and take steps to redeem or protect themselves. It can also result when a Kingpin desires to make a shift in strategy to a new chapter in their long term playbook. Of course recent talk of transferring drone warfare primarily to the USAF is just another use of psyops tradecraft to confuse and deflect any real public concern and eliminate any true accountability to the kingpins responsible. Who sold nuclear processing materials to North Korea and advanced attack helicopters to North Korea? Thus it is a fair assumption to make that the USG functions as the main Cutouts for the SSG, their main Kingpins inside America who themselves are the main Cutouts for the City of London Banksters.
It has been claimed that Defense Secretary Forrestal wanted to go public and was drugged and murdered because he refused to go along (he was thrown from an upper story of Bethesda Hospital by US Intel operatives). Some researchers believe this was the case in past civilizations where they walked freely and served as the evil rulers, oppressors, tyrants or “gods” of the various peoples of the ancient times on earth.  It has been alleged that they became so evil that God Almighty periodically destroyed them with some mega earth disasters like a flood or meteor strike. Apparently these alien entities are powerful, have an extreme human blood-lust, are tyrannical and have been restrained by some higher force in past years and even at present according to some experts.
Obviously something has been terribly wrong and evil with those that have been running the world for many centuries who now operate with a hidden control hierarchy.  Only the assumption that these entities are the most evil and powerful that have ever existed and who appear to specialize in psi-powers could explain their extreme evil and the evil they perpetrate in the world today.
And some have been deeply involved with some of these “alien ambassadors” on a long term basis.
If one does some basic research and turn over every “rock” it is easy to figure out who #1 has been. The aluminum-hulled ship is said to be 70-80 meters in length and features seven 27-inch iMacs lined up in the wheelhouse to help run the controls. Below, watch Venus in action:Mentioned in the New York Times from Walter Isaacson’s new biography of Steve Jobs, which was released after his death, the late Apple leader was working on creating his very own Feadship superyacht. Jobs didn’t like the normal yacht designs so he decide to design it himself, not a surprise, creating a super luxurious yacht to rival his good friend and fellow yachtsman Larry Ellison.“The book also offers some tidbits about Mr. In addition to creating blogging and buzz marketing platforms, he specializes in web design, social media marketing and digital marketing.

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