Congratulations to everyone that reached bandit status and also to those that perhaps reached their highest ever score. I also captured results after the T-58 sec leaderboard push and mine look like what Pville posted.
I normally see people only one hour per week, but igota has taken M-W-F mornings each week. I think you earned earned a share of the Captaincy of the Cheerleading Squad for your yeoman work this weekend. Congrats to DRSJ, Meggymoo, Spiro T, Gabrielforever, Cloudcitygirl, Twrofpowr (repeater), Gogoyug (repeater) TwoCats (3-peater)!
I think I can make out those BB scores, but just to be on the safe side, would you mind (at your convenience) typing out the actual scores and their corresponding names.

As far as I can see you go to settings to register and then you can see stuff in the GC app which is the app with balloons on it. She's thrown a straightjacket on me and shoved me into a Skinner box for behavioral adjustments.
If you are still having difficulties with your forum experience, please PM any of the following PG Employees: Jesse, PGWilsooon, or PGLiz and they'll take care of you. A big thank you especially to Rosemary whose comment that I could make it really inspired me.
Congrats to the other forum power players in these events, you know who you are, there's too many to list, who competed well! I only really started playing yesterday evening so was really pleased with a 24 place finish in my main game (very frustrated with the sticky scores as it appeared I was in 48th position and I kept burning SFs right up to 8am this morning to stay in top 50).

It was a very long time ago when I registered so I could have made a big mess of these instructions.
But even better, I invested in an energy drink for my level 17 game and in that hour (and only 1 level 5 sapphire) managed to get from the 3000s to the top 200.

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