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While the Gestapo reported to Hitler, he was not the person that originally established the force. There existed power struggles among the different Nazi Party officials at the time of the Gestapo’s instatement. Regardless of the many different power struggles that occurred among his subordinates, Hitler knew he had their loyalty. Almost immediately after being elected, Hitler was able to assume dictatorial power in Germany. The specific tasks of the Gestapo were to protect the Nazi Party from acts of espionage and treason. There was a large amount of opposition to the Gestapo, most of which came from college campuses. Auf der Spielwarenmesse in Nurnberg hatte ich auf dem LEGO® Stand die Gelegenheit, mir das neue The LEGO MOVIE Super Secret Police Dropship (70815) einmal genauer anzusehen. Damit Du auch unterwegs keine aktuellen LEGO® News verpasst und stets up-to-date bist, gibt es jetzt auch PROMOBRICKS als App fur Google Android und Apple iOS Smartphones und Tablets.
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While there have been all manner of tyrannical dictators throughout human history, few are as reviled or well known as Adolph Hitler.
The group was charged with rooting out all internal opposition that threatened Hitler and the Nazi Party. As the name of the police force indicates, its responsibilities revolved around serving the state and destroying its internal enemies. As the state grew increasingly oppressive, it was to be expected that rebellion and resistance would answer its expanding restraint. Heinrich Himmler, for one, was involved heavily with the police force in Bavaria and felt his power was being minimized by Goring. He was no longer constrained by the parliament and could enact laws on his own without their approval.
So, the Gestapo could not really be called a German police force as much as the tool of one party.
Like any other police force, there were divisions tasked with specific goals and responsibilities.
While Hitler and the Nazis dissolved various governments they felt were disloyal, select preexisting police forces were not disbanded.
His government officials were persecuted in the Nuremberg trials, and the Gestapo was condemned as a criminal organization. Das Ergebnis findet ihr in dem unten stehenden Video, in dem alle Features des Sets zu sehen sind. Wenn Sie diese Website ohne Anderung Ihrer Cookie-Einstellungen zu verwenden fortzufahren, oder klicken Sie auf "Akzeptieren" unten, dann erklaren Sie sich mit diesen.

Goring came to power when Hitler instated him as the Prussian Interior Minister, giving him command of an incredibly massive police force.
To consolidate his power, he removed many of the checks and balances from those entities that served him. Departments of the Gestapo were listed from A to E, with each of them in its own area of responsibility. Party loyalty was not always demanded of those police officers in low level ranks of the Gestapo, the reason for this being that certain police and civil servant skills were required for the Gestapo to function. Goring very quickly filled the ranks with Nazis, ensuring that the police would be loyal to him and Hitler. It was deemed that he did not possess a sufficient level of ruthlessness to use the Gestapo as intended. Therefore, technocratic, bureaucratic and police skills were highly valued when hiring lower level Gestapo members. In particular, the political and internal intelligence wings of the police force were comprised almost exclusively of Nazis.
Goring eventually merged the political and the intelligence divisions together on April 26, 1933, with the new unit being called the Gestapo.
As one of his first moves, he would name Reinhard Heydrich the new Commander of the Gestapo.
Department C was somewhat of an internal affairs division dealing with party and administration affairs.
Needless to say, this made the populace more fearful of the police force and less willing to oppose the Nazi Party.

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