Sorry for starting a different topic but this has been bothering me ever since I saw Chachamaru's Pactio.
Negima x Gundam Seed, in which improved human Negi pilots the Thousand Mecha against one Kira, and both have to defeat the Chao Gundam at one point.
Negima x Gundam Seed Destiny, in which improved demonimproved demon Negi pilots the Millions Mecha against one Kira, and both have to defeat the Fateal Gundam at one point.
Negima x Virtual On, in which The Mario Negi Temjinfield teaches a whole class of cute Fei-Yen schoolgirls in all shapes and colors, who then are all sucked into a battle against the evil RNA Fate Corp., who is assisted by such likes as Angelan the magic girl, Specineff and his Key of the Lifemaker, and the Three Sisters of the Rose, and hold the original Asuna Fei-Yen prisoner.
Ok, I'll try to get some of those up, although I'm tempted to use the first panel of this for Takane, just because it's so fitting. The thin, waiflike girl spun around to crane her delicate neck towards her, pouting her pink lips up. Chisame's brow quivered fearfully under the shorter girl's tempting gaze, and she took her neck a bit back to avoid those pouting lips, but for some reason her feet weren't following that trend.
She actually found herself moaning when Fuuka actually broke the kiss, a thin line of saliva still connecting their mouths.

Negi Springfield was finishing his classes for the day and getting ready to get back home when he received a text message. The room still was empty except for the two tiny animals sharing a small bed on the middle of it, smoking cigarettes while enjoying the afterglow.
Nitta-sensei sighed contentedly as he snuggled against the small, fuzzy figure sharing his bed with him.
He reached over to kiss her, but before he could do it, he rasped, coughed, and spat a big fat hairball.
I regard the OAVs as their true colors because some of the colors have change from the early official art from the newer stuff. Does any one else think that Chachamaru has a lot of similarities with KOS-MOS from Xenosaga?
Side-characters include cute Loli Vamp Guarayakha (who has a secret ultra-powerful alternate form) and VOX Rakan.
And now that I go back to that chapter, I do see some similarity in appearances; just swap black for white.

I mean, it's one thing to have your opponent nudify you in "relative privacy"; it's a completely different matter when your opponent does so in public. Isn't it obvious?" Fuuka asked dragging a foot along, almost as if she was a naughty child caught with her hand in the cookie jar again.
Chisame vaguely found herself wondering how much would they last before having to stop for air. I thought that was supposed to be my line" the taller female growled, pulling her back towards herself. Fuuka was still so much like a child, with her lithe and underdeveloped body, and yet graceful and vital, healthy and energetic like the young adult she had just started being.

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