You’ll need to wait a little longer for your first taste of Western action on the PlayStation 4, as developer Switchblade Monkeys has confirmed that its next-gen shooter Secret Ponchos is taking a siesta for the time being. For those out of the rootin’-tootin’ loop, the isometric shooter will see you pick a cowboy and battle in snazzy Spaghetti Western-inspired deathmatches. A true PlayStation veteran, Sammy's covered the world of PS gaming for years, with an enormous Trophy count to prove it.
Wait, People Thought Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III Were Releasing This Year? Secret Ponchos is a highly competitive PvP fighting game set in a stylish Spaghetti Western universe.

Originally expected to be part of April’s recently announced PlayStation Plus lineup, the studio confirmed on Twitter that the gunslinger isn’t quite ready for a showdown with the PlayStation Store just yet. Filling your opponents full of lead will reward you with reputation points, which can then be invested into customising your character’s looks and abilities.
The unique, fast-paced gameplay in 3v3 battles creates an environment where PvP skills will be put to the test every match. The isometric gameplay is team based and unlike any fighting game or MOBA you've played before.
It’s being powered by Sony’s proprietary PhyreEngine, but sadly there’s no word on a new date.

Combat is fast-paced, precise and merciless, resulting in a competitive environment where skills matter.

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