Three of the show's stars - Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario and Shay Mitchell - stopped by "Good Morning America" today with four brand new, exclusive clues about who the infamous "A" could be. This post may contain content that is inappropriate for some users, as flagged by Stuffpoint's user community. If you feel this image is in violation of our Terms of Service, please use the following form to have it manually reviewed by a staff member. At the costume shop, Noel startles Alison by grabbing her from behind and covering her mouth while wearing a scary mask. In Spencer’s living room, Alison flirts with Melissa’s boyfriend Ian, who is holding a video camera in his hand. In her bedroom that night, pajama-clad Hanna watches a scary movie beside a huge bowl of popcorn. Just then, there is a knock at the door—but it’s not the bogeyman, exactly, but policeman Darren driving a drunken Ashley home. The next day, Spencer is manning a booth in the school cafeteria, trying to garner votes for the class presidency.
Hanna enters the kitchen with her Britney costume, as her mother sits reading the newspaper on the counter. Spencer is in her living room making something on her sewing machine when Alison comes knocking.
Later in the school hallways, Alison suggestively lets Spencer know that it has been taken care of.
That night, kids are seen trick-or-treating in their costumes, and the girls get dressed in Spencer’s bedroom.
The Halloween party has everyone in an actual costume—nobody in a flannel shirt pretending to be a hobo. When a Lady GaGa song starts playing, Mona, dressed in a cat-suit, approaches Alison with a hello. Outside on the porch, a sulky Ali jealously calls Jenna a slut and hands Spencer the ballots of incriminating evidence.
We ask all of the "Pretty Little Liars" fans out there to weigh in and help us piece together who "A" could be. A figure is seen in one of the upstairs windows, and Emily calls it out, frightening the other girls. She is about to leave a note for her father, when she sees Meredith lying barefoot on the couch of her father's office, lazily reading a book. Meanwhile, Aria and Emily sit in the cafeteria together at a table near the jocks' table, where Ben is sitting. She is looking through the job listings, glum at having found little better than maid openings. Alison informs Spencer that a friend on the election committee has let her know that Spencer may not win the election.
He lets Aria know that he had tried to contact her all day (trying to prevent Ella from finding out the truth). Alison discusses the possibility of Emily going on the pill, but she confesses to Ali that the rumors aren't true, and she won't be needing contraception yet.
When the other Liars question her comment, she lies that she had helped Spencer with her speech. Hanna is donning her Britney costume, Emily is dressed as a Native American, and Spencer is wearing a corset dress. Noel, dressed as a gynecologist, approaches to greet them, correctly characterizing Ali as Lady GaGa (or hot chick), Emily as a Native American, Hanna as cute Britney, and Aria as a witch. Spencer burns them in a nearby fireplace without looking inside, though Ali cryptically tells her that she would be surprised to know who your friends aren’t and suggestively glances Aria's and Hanna's way.
They follow the arrow on the sign at the edge of some woods that reads "Killer Drinks this way." As they move deeper into the bushes, they are scared by someone in a scary costume who creeps up on them. This episode is a special for ABC Family's "13 Nights of Halloween." The episode is a prequel to the Pilot, taking place Halloween 2008 in the chronology.

After getting into a fight over a doll, one of them gets mad and stabs the other in the heart with a knife on Halloween. Emily reveals that she is going with Ben, who wants her to dress up as a cop, while she wants to go as a Native American. Aria comments that she gets a bad feeling from this place, feeling as if something bad had happened there. She then spots the new girl in Rosewood buying a costume - a "Lady G." costume to be precise. After a few more lines about her own photogenically, she turns the camera on Ian and films him talking himself up. It is revealed that Ashley is upset about her husband leaving and is stressed about dealing with the situation he has left behind in Rosewood.
Hanna lets her friends know that Emily's boyfriend Ben has been telling people that they have had sex.
The other Liars join up, and they get a text that reads "I’m in trouble, come alone" from Ali, directing them to the scary house's address.
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Wallpaper images in the Pretty Little Liars TV Show club tagged: pretty little liars season 1 cast. Meanwhile, Spencer is texting on her cell phone, getting updates about her success in the school elections for class president. Spencer attributes the movement to typical Rosewood kid activity on Halloween, and Alison is equally nonchalant. She tries to intimidate her to buy a different one, declaring that that is her own costume choice for this year. When Byron returns to his office, he expresses his surprise at seeing Meredith there, but acts coolly. Next, the power goes off then on, making the lights flicker momentarily, and the phone rings again. As Ashley falls asleep on the couch, Hanna consoles her that her dad’s new girlfriend is pretty ugly. Enraged, Aria is about to charge over to him, when Emily grabs her by the shirt to force her to sit back down. They run until they turn a corner past some bushes, then stop in their tracks when they see Byron and Meredith making out in his car. She asks Alison not to tell anyone, and Alison is perplexed until she discovers Emily's secret later that night. Aria shoots daggers at Alison and is about to respond when Lucas Gottesman bumps into Alison, dumping his drink on her. When she begins to explain, Noel goes right to Jenna, who is also dressed as a sexy Lady GaGa. Alison turns her eyes from one to the other, approaches Emily, and alludes to her hidden sexual orientation. When they walk away, someone opens the door, and a van is seen marked "Radley Sanitarium." Implying that Alison's story may not have been fictional.
He's bummed that his dad has remarried and that the new wife is moving in with her daughter. The new girl noncommittally agrees to think about changing her decision, but turns her attention away from Alison.
Ian takes it up again as Melissa praises Spencer’s speech for class president, and Spencer admits that her parents have already planned the congratulatory party. Aria attributes Meredith's presence in his office to her father being so cool in the eyes of his students.
Hanna picks up, and this time, it’s Alison asking if she was at the costume shop and had sent her a text. The girls are shocked that Emily isn't indignantly furious, but then it dawns on them that Emily might be trying to tell them something.

He stares expectantly, hoping to see what's inside, but Alison is careful not to open it until he's gone. Alison uses the opportunity to bash Melissa for purposely trying to outshine Spencer in her parents' eyes. He then asks Aria to lie about it to her mother, because it’s over now, and telling her would make it worse. Angry, Alison rejects Lucas' apologies, mercilessly calling him "Hermie" and publicly suggesting that he's really a hermaphrodite. So, Alison continues on about how the murderess little girl went to the asylum—“until yesterday!” and vows to kill every kid who goes trick-or-treating. Noel drives up in a convertible with his jock friends to greet the Liars and especially Alison. Before walking away, Alison offers her name, to which the girl replies that she already knows it, and her own name is Jenna.
When Hanna responds in the negative, Alison doesn't bother to explain her questioning and hangs up.
Inside is a burlap doll with a red heart and a pin and a note that says "It’s my turn to torture you." Ali reads the typed note aloud. Darren makes implied advances, but Ashley lets him down, calling his expectations a misunderstanding. After all, Melissa had made some of the phone calls in inviting people to Spencer's congratulatory party. When Alison walks away, Lucas growls that she will get what's coming to her, and Mona nods uncomfortably in silent agreement, having witnessed the whole exchange. When Jenna saunters away victoriously, Mona declares her the best Gaga, and the two introduce themselves, seeming to start a friendship. Alison then maniacally stabs the butcher knife she is holding deep into the pumpkin they are carving on the table. Spying Aria, he says "come prepared to be scared," exciting her with the knowledge that they are invited to Noel's bash. They smile pleasantly, if not fakely, at each other, and Alison strolls away with her basket on her arm.
Next, there is an announcement over the school loudspeaker that the election results are in, and Spencer Hastings is the winner. As Noel drives away, Alison mocks the other Liars for being so excited to attend the party. She toys with the needles and stabs one deep into the holder near the sewing machine as she talks. In turn, Byron has the decency to tell Aria that he respects whatever decision she ultimately make.
Smiling, but insecure, Spencer accepts people's congratulations, and Alison winks knowingly at her. The doorbell then rings, presumably for a pizza delivery, but Spencer insists on going downstairs in company. Spencer then join them just as Alison hears that Ben is telling everyone they had sex; Ali seems impressed. When Alison and Aria are left alone, Alison criticizes Aria for being such a downer and not going to the party after she supposedly worked so hard to score her an invitation.
She then turns to be surprised once more by another scary mask-clad person, only this one has on a burlap outfit, and Alison is not tolerant of the sneak-up. Meanwhile, someone is spying on their house with binoculars and zooming in on their mailbox.

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