All 4 men were previously able to talk their chosen ladies into attending a special ball that they claim to be waiting tables at. Yet another pair that seemed to have somewhat of an authentic connection from the beginning. Holly TongNashville Pop Culture ExaminerHolly Marie Tong is a songwriter, journalist, and model.
Photos: Ghost are scary awesome on day two of Northern Invasion 2016These days, it’s not exactly novel for a hard rock band to wear makeup or masks but there’s still no one else out there like Ghost.

We've got the exclusive first look at the show's trailer for Season 2 (premieres Fri., Oct. For Holly, writing has always been like breathing, and as a member of the Nashville entertainment community, she feels right at home. She is known to snag top notch interviews, and enjoys sharing her observations with all entertainment enthusiasts. ET on TLC), above, featuring four fish-out-of-water princes, hiding their true identities to meet women who aren't just interested in finding Prince Charming.

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