The only complaint I have is mine is like 4ft 2, (haha so short), and I would have loved to see her in a dress, but this is really amazing!!!! This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. She planned to take over Zinnia and was confident that she would prevail, going so far as to plan a celebratory party that would take place when she had succeeded.
Sniff and Whiff told Malucia that they had found a young fairy, Nola, in the woods that day.
Nori, a fairy who had her magic stolen by Malucia, told everyone to stay in the grove and protect the unicorns, as well as each other; she planned to bring the Queen Unicorn, hidden in another part of the forest, to the grove.
Nori, Romy and Alexa brought the Queen Unicorn to the grove entrance, and Malucia revealed herself. Alexa went back to the grove and then traveled to Malucia's royal castle with Nori and Romy. During an attempt to steal Alexa's magic, Alexa noticed that the scepter was so full of magic that it was starting to crack. She is the 10-year-old princess of Zinnia, a fantastical land accessed through a secret door in Alexa's garden. In their absence, Malucia spent a few weeks stealing magic from everyone, hunting magical creatures down with sniffers and trogs; the trogs guarded Malucia, and she took advantage of the ability sniffers have to detect magic by smell. She was presented with a cake she had requested for the party, but did not approve of how it had turned out.
Nola walked to the grove, a floating island in the trees of Zinnia where fairies and mermaids had come together to protect three unicorns from Malucia. She was accompanied by Romy, a mermaid whose magic Malucia stole, and Alexa, a princess who got to Zinnia through a magic door in her garden.

The trogs tied up the Queen Unicorn with ropes, and Alexa tried to stop them from getting to anyone else. From outside the castle, they looked through a window into the throne room and witnessed Malucia stealing magic from the Queen Unicorn. She orders Sniff and Whiff to smell Alexa, and they detected the most magic they had ever smelled. Alexa thought that if she let Malucia take her magic, it would be full of more magic than it could handle and it could break.
Wallpaper images in the Disney Princess club tagged: disney princess sofia noemi jackee valere cleopatra eva kalini maria makiling maariyah nadia myeong-yi miguela jasmine alladin belle cinderel rapunzel alice new upcoming disney princess disney fairy tale princess pocahontas princesses rapunzel tan. Wallpaper images in the Barbie Movies club tagged: photo barbie secret door 2014 princess alexa nori romy. Her evaluation of the cake was interrupted by the arrival of two sniffers that work for her: Sniff and Whiff. After Malucia had been unwittingly lead to the grove by Nola, she and the trogs waited behind flowers. Alexa tried to make a deal with Malucia to give everyone their magic back, and then she would let Malucia go, but Malucia thought Alexa was an impostor. They asked if she had been good for Grodlin and she lied that she had, but Grodlin cleared his throat. The young princess takes advantage of her kingdom and Grodlin while her parents are away on a trip. Especially if they make it Animated instead of CGI, but I would like to see these other ones too. While Malucia was forcing Nola, Grodlin and other trogs to have a tea party with her, she was interrupted again by the sniffers. Nola warned everyone that Malucia was after the Queen Unicorn, as well as the unicorns in the grove.

The wand was unable to put back what Malucia stole, but Nori told Alexa that with a princess on their side, they could fight Malucia, get her scepter, and then get their magic back. The King asked Malucia if she had tried to take over the kingdom "again", and with some prodding she admitted to it. The dress has many layers and ruffles and bows, and the shoes have pink wings on the ankles. She is on a mission to get all the magic she is being selfish and cruel to the people of Zinnia. They told Malucia that they thought they knew where the Queen Unicorn, the most magical unicorn in Zinnia, was located. Alexa, Nori and Romy tell the trogs guarding the castle that they formally surrender to Malucia, and they were allowed in.
Alexa was then able to use magic without a wand, and restored the magic back to everyone it had been stolen from.
Her parents decided that the present they had brought her was more important than dealing with what she had done, but before she could follow them, Grodlin made her stay behind to clean. She disliked their uncertainty, but suspected that Nola knew the exact hiding spot of the Queen Unicorn. Malucia went into the grove and stole the unicorns, as well as the magic from all of the creatures that were hiding.

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