While busy promoting By The Sea with her husband, Brad Pitt, 51, Jolie’s scary skinny frame has been making headlines yet again. Ovarian cancer took the life of Angelina’s mother, Marcheline Bertrand, as well as her grandmother and aunt. Ruark has been in a long-term relationship with Ohio native Sharon Callahan, 52, and the two live together in Cincinnati, Sharon’s mother Dolores confirms to Radar.
While the Duggars certainly don’t approve of Ruark’s lifestyle, the same-sex lovers don’t seem to support the enormous family’s extreme Christian beliefs. Though the family has been largely silent about their LGBT member, Josh mentioned having a lesbian aunt during a political radio show last year.
Judge Sherry Stephens kicked reporters from the courtroom for two days for a “secret witness” in late October and early November before an Arizona appeals court ordered the death penalty trial to be reopened to the public. The Arizona Supreme Court denied Arias’ request to stay the appeals court ruling that said her secret testimony was unconstitutional.
The judge is expected to announce a decision Wednesday on the defense motion to remove the death penalty as a possibility for Arias because of claims of misconduct by prosecutors related to porn files on Travis Alexander’s laptop. In another development, all eight volumes of the journal Arias kept in the months before she murdered her boyfriend have been published online by Karas.

The journals, which have been seen by one reporter in the past but never published in their entirety, suggests what led to a huge argument between Arias and Alexander just before she slashed his throat and stabbed and shot him, Karas said. Caitlyn "chatted for a while" with Kris, who "was smiling the whole time" during their interaction.
Katy Perry‘s gospel upbringing and religious family are both well-known to her fans, but few are aware that she has a secret half-sister who was allegedly abandoned by their evangelical preacher father when she was just a baby. While the California Gurls singer – who also has a sister, Angela, 30, and brother David, 24 – is close with their preacher dad, Jodi has still never been given the chance of a loving relationship and doesn’t even remember meeting him until she was five. For the full explosive story, pick up the new issue of Star magazine — on newsstands on Thursday. The alternative to the breast implants would have been taking fat from her abdomen to construct the breasts. In November, the couple deleted photos of same-sex couples kissing from their official Facebook page, and later that month, their oldest son, Josh, led an Arkansas rally protesting gay marriage.
In 2010, Sharon spoke to The National ENQUIRER— as a “significant other” of Ruark— about the Duggar family’s ties to the QuiverFull movement, a sect promoting procreation and denouncing all forms of birth control.
The 144-page transcript of what she told the jury behind closed doors will be released Tuesday, the judge said Monday.

She is expected to return to the witness stand to conclude her testimony in late January, but if she refuses it’s likely the judge will strike her secret testimony from the trial record since the prosecution did not have a chance to cross-examine her, lawyer Beth Karas, who covers the trial on her website KarasOnCrime  tells Radar. Travis writes about flirting with another woman on Facebook, while Arias writes about hacking into his Facebook account. Following the meeting, Kris "looked like she was very pleased by Caitlyn's efforts," sources told Radar.Getty ImagesThe 20-year-old's parents were in great moods as they put aside any hard feelings to unite for their brunette beauty daughter. Many would argue that just getting through the role justifies it as a great performance, but West is perhaps too handsome and comes off as playing dress-up. The film has the same problem, in that it never escapes the feeling that it’s constantly playing pretend and never feels lived in.
Manoux’s portrayal of famous Los Angeles KROQ DJ Rodney Bingenheimer, a mockish cartoon that pulls you right out of the film.

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