A quick guide to how the new Kanai's Cube works, based on first hand playing experience overnight, after defeating the invincible 4+ hour game creation queue! The cube has seven recipes, all of which could use a bit better documentation and functionality.
Bounty farm in ALL FIVE ACTS, because the powerful Cube recipes require at least 1 each of the five new materials that can only be obtained from Horadric Caches in each act. Spend way too long looking over every legendary item in your stash, trying to figure which to melt into the cube for the bonus property. The cube properties are awesome and very impactful, even when you're not sure which you want to roll with. Click through for all the rest, including the 7 Cube Recipes, screens showing all the weapons, jewelry, and armor you can use with a Barb or a DH, more about the interface, etc. Once you view the Cube in town, there are seven recipes, the best of which require you to farm Horadric Caches from ALL FIVE ACTS in order to acquire the materials. Playing this game on T7 (which I could not have told from T6, if I hadn't known) I got 4 of each material in each cache, and doubled that when the act was a bonus act.
This one is hideously expensive, requiring 5 of each material from each Cache, plus 50 Forgotten Souls. This recipe turns a rare item into a random legendary item of the same type, at a very affordable cost of 50 Death's Breath, and 50 each of the white, blue, and yellow salvage materials. This works a lot like the Convert Legendary Item recipe, with a much lower price of just 10 Souls and 10 Death's Breaths.
The recipe never makes the same item again (since there aren't any one-item sets), but can be used with two-item sets. This recipe is fairly cheap to use, requiring no Cache materials, but in most sets the odds of getting an upgrade to the item type you want is very low.
It's even easier than you think, since the new Greater Rifts no longer have an upgrade Key option, so every time you finish you have to try to upgrade a Gem. The system now works like the Diablo 2 cube where you have to actually place items into it, because nostalgia. The cube should be part of the Stash interface, or at least located right beside it in town so you didn't have to run back and forth. As mentioned previously, most of the new Materials can only be obtained from Horadric Caches. As the patch notes explains, there is now just one Bonus Act at a time, and that changes every hour, counting up in orderly fashion. You see a few of the level 70 crafting recipes below, and they're all like this, eating up 1 or 2 of the precious Cache materials per craft. The Jeweler learns to upgrade these four low levels, and the Marquise and Imperial levels from training, but you must find the recipes for Imperial+ upgrades.
You can see all the possible items for each slot, whether you have them on your character or not. As so many of you guys got at in the Kanai's Cube Theorycrafting post, there are multiple amazingly powerful options with this item, many of them far bigger than the benefit my DH is getting here. I had no such luck, but was also considering how I could change my build around since with the Hexing Pants via the Cube, I was always almost at full Resource, on both Hatred and Discipline. Also they drop plans which previously been dropped from Goblins - for Legendary Items we all been able to craft our selves.
Depends what game you trying to start with - copy from your account, starting new character, Hardcore or Softcore.
Does the cube work with old legendary stats that have changed with recent patches, like Homunculus? But one thing I've not seen answered anywhere: you have 10% chance to reroll a non-ancient to an ancient, so does that mean you have a 90% chance to turn an ancient to a non-ancient if you just want to reroll the stats on your ancient item?
And no double dipping, even on properties that are just additive, like using two The Furnaces, etc.
The best approach is to join a clan with a lot of players, since often someone will have a game open that you can join.
I'm guessing it is a PTR only thing but right now on the PTR the bonus act rotates through all 5 acts if you do them in the right order. Like I said, I don't know if this was something to assist with testing on the PTR or a change made after the patch notes were written. I got home from work, found the shortest queue time in Adventure mode (Torment IX was a paltry 4 hours 44 minutes), took a nap, went running, and voila, I was in!
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The Ruins of Sescheron is the area you need, and it's found in Act Three, only through Adventure Mode.
None of the new Cache materials are required, and a player with at least 1000 of each of these materials could pick up every legendary amulet they found or gambled, and transform 20 rare amulets into a random legendary amulet. It would also be nice if the stackable materials were pulled right from your stash, instead of needing them in your inventory.
I predict that players will actually watch the clock and plan their farming (and split farming) for the times when the slow acts (such as Act Five) are in double bonus time. You really need thee materials for the Cube recipes, and if you can get double at the same time by playing in a specific hour, you're going to do it. The patch notes said all gems were to be condensed into fewer types, and they certainly have been. Class-specific items are the obvious difference, with special bonuses for the Demon Hunter via Cloaks and one-handed Xbows, along with other legendary items that only boost one skill for one class, like the DH with the Crashing Rain belt.
Hovering over the item boxes shows what property that item will grant you, and also shows the lack of RNG in the numbers, with any item of the type enough to enable the highest possible quality RNG of that item.
Lots of Barbarian class weapons and armor, no bows, two-handed weapons (like The Furnace), etc.
It's pretty easy to do in-game, requiring just some time farming through all five acts, and the rewards are huge. I was wondering if there was some amulet or axe that chilled or otherwise rooted or debuffed enemies, so I could combine that with Bane of the Trapped to get the huge damage buff up full time. Players will find all kinds of items that that enable different Legendary Gems, or let them change up their gear since they don't need so much RCR or CDR anymore, or players will find items that only work when combined with another item, or three items that all synergize perfectly, etc.
The best results you`ll get with Hardcore game and copy from your account (if you got HC one). But this does not apply if the mobs are outside this aura radius, as is likely the case if you're a DH. Without changing any gear, I took a char that could struggle ugh a GR45~ on the live realm at great personal danger, and just by adding the 3 properties via the Cube I did GR48 in 9 minutes, with almost no feeling of danger.
The only game I was able to create, there was a Cursed Chest bounty in that area, and after clearing that I explored more of the second level and found the Cube inside part of the crumbling castle. I'd liked to have done some more for experimentation, , but with 4+ hour queues to create a game, I had no way to refresh the Bounties. For instance if you had a great roll on Ancient gloves in your six-piece set, (or were not using one slot of the set) every time you found another of those gloves you'd roll them in this recipe, hoping for Ancient helm or chest or whatever, but knowing that gloves would never just reroll as gloves. Over time players will end up upgrading all sorts of spare or odd gems, or maybe just upgrading a series of Gem of Eases to feed into this recipe.
I assume the amount of materials scales to the difficulty level, but I only had time to play one game, and on Torment 7 I got 4 materials in each Cache, plus another four in each bonus cache.
The 1-14 levels of gems below Marquise have been turned into 1-4 levels, while from Marquise up to Imperial and Royal, nothing has changed. All classes follow the same rule, and there are other more general rules, like Demon Hunters not getting two-handed weapons, and thus The Furnace not appearing as an option for the DH in the Weapons tab. But they also share the valid items, so I can enable Hexing Pants on my Barb and get the full benefit, even though the ones I extracted were found by my Demon Hunter, had Dex for the mainstat, etc.
Like I said at the top, my DH went from GR44 up to GR50, and that's far from maxing out her potential.
If you ever manage to create or join enough games to farm up the necessary Cache materials, the possibilities are everywhere.
I'm of two minds regarding the cube – all the power and flexibility you can get from it seems amazing, yet a lot of it seems to shortcut the RNG of finding items. Not in the exact amount; you can put your whole 1143 stack of Souls in and the game will automatically deduct 10 or 50 (depending on the recipe) and put the rest back into your stash. But you still have to get all the materials and items out of your stash, carry them over to the Cube, right click them in, etc.

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