For those of you who may not have known him or even known of him, Linn Haynes was a person of great knowledge of kung fu movies. I realize Linn passed away in February of 2008, but since my original site was down at that time, I wanted to make sure everybody knew that I was one of the lucky ones that knew Linn and to let him, his family and friends know that his death is a big part of why I am bringing back Shaolin Chamber.
If you are interested in reading an interview with Linn regarding the Shaw Brothers Media Blaster releases he was involved in, check it out here on my buddy Ian’s site, HK AND CULT FILM NEWS. SMK (Shaolin webMaster Killer), I am based in Northern California, the San Francisco Bay Area. Do you have an interesting thought, idea, or story related to Classic Kung Fu, would you like to share your insight of the genre with your fellow Fu fans? In the 1977 flm INVINCIBLE ARMOUR, Korean taekwondo expert Hwang Jang Lee played a role he is extremely well known for, the villainous "Master of the Iron Armour". Have you contacted anyone about acquiring the rights to the Dolemite character or film yet?

My name is Frank Edwards and I've been trying to get someone to back me in the remake of "Dolemite ". Linn deservedly was awarded the duty of supplying audio commentary on the Tokyo Shock Shaw Bros releases.
I've created this site to share my love of Kung Fu movies, primarily the 'Old School' genre, with others who cherish these films as much as I do. Follow the link below for all requirements and instructions for composing your Guest Post which will be published (upon approval) right here at Shaolin Chamber 36.
One of the best scenes in the film is when we see HJL sitting peacefully, before he proceeds in a solo practice session. Commenting in mutual post, exchanging private messages, meeting up in the chat room, than eventually talking on the phone.
His page had short one sentence, to the point, of what he thought of the movie and if he thought you needed to see it.

For those who may not own this version, I have a clip of the first 4+ minutes accompanied by Linn’s commentary. I can tell you that Linn was one of the nicest, most genuine persons I had ever come across.
As I was pretty much new to the scene, I wanted to know which movies were a must see and seeked out to find the best.

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