In Ann Arbor, Michigan, a series of what is known as 'fairy doors', began popping up around the area in 2005, built into buildings, shops and restaurants and quickly acquired a cult following. Here's one that slipped past my radar: only the greatest self-taught artist of the 20th century whose work was not discovered until his landlords were cleaning out his room upon his death in 1973. I can't understand why the most popular travel guides aren't the ones that tell you where the smallest and quirkiest places are in every town and country around the world. I can imagine the Moulin Rouge had some pretty exotic acts in its heyday, but entertaining an audience with rhythmic flatulence? It was the kind of race where if a car broke down, the driver would have been invited inside by locals for spaghetti. Here’s a centuries-old disguised entrance to a hidden reading room in the National Library in Vienna, Austria. Another secret room at the former Ford Country Day School, a 2800sqm Tudor mansion in Los Altos Hills, California. This 200m tunnel, in Tijuana, Mexico, crossed the border beneath the US and Mexico, and was widely used by drug smugglers. There are plenty of modern passageways built for personal security, or simply just entertainment. A hidden garage in the bottom floor of a historic Victorian apartment on Oak Street in San Francisco’s Upper Haight district.

Inspired by library racks that also use this system, these rolling shelving units hide complete rooms. Mitsubishi is promoting the Mitsubishi Strakar L200 with a series of print advertisements featuring hidden cities. The Secret Cities campaign was developed at MSTF Partners, Lisbon, Portugal, by creative directors LorenA§o Thomaz, Susana Sequeira, art director Tico Moraes, copywriter Rui Soares, with illustration done at 6B estudio, Brazil. What is The Inspiration Room?A global effort designed to influence, affect and involve creative communities in the development of a world standard for inspiration, particularly in the fields of advertising, design and film. The Secret Stairs looks deceptively easy to create on your own, but this kit is specially designed with custom parts for a seamless, invisible fit and can be installed into any set of new or existing stairs that are standard construction and carpeted. Wars have been won and lost by them, coup d’etats sprung, and entire countries altered, thanks to a well-place nook or cranny.
Below is the Cheops, the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in the Giza Necropolis, and the gallery which leads upwards to the entrance to the burial chamber. They also bore communication and supply routes, hospitals, food, weapon caches and living quarters for guerrilla fighters. On September 6, 2006, during an IDF operation in the central sector of southern Lebanon, Israeli soldiers found a Hezbollah bunker filled with weaponry and rocket launchers hidden under trees. This billiards room has a secret passageway created by Creative Home Engineering, a company that specialises in custom construction.

Resurgence hits theatres on June 23, 20 years (almost exactly!) will have passed both on screen and off since the first film. Backflips are extremely difficult in surfing, and no one has never landed one in a competition. In addition to having an amazing premise, this short from Naleb is downright beautiful to look at. The Secret Stairs is accessed using an electromagnetic lock (via key fob) and has no obvious opening mechanism to tip off burglars. That's a long time, but for co-writer and director Roland Emmerich, the wait was a necessary evil.
That is, until Gabriel Medina did exactly that at the Oi Rio Pro, coasting out with a bewildered shrug to perfect 10s from the judges.

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