Russia supplies other BRIC nations, as well as Iran, much of Southeast Asia, and North Africa. Importantly, SIPRI's totals don't measure the cost of the transaction but the cost of the weapons' production. Selling more to existing customers is easy when you know what your customers want from the relationship. Ask each Key Account Manager (KAM) to put a percentage penetration (or “share of wallet”) figure against each customer. Choose which questions and statements you want to use in your InfoQuest B2B customer satisfaction survey from our library (or ask us to help you to create new, business-specific questions and statements). The individual response sheets (above) show precisely how each person responded to each and every question and statement.

The numbers are listed as the production value of the weapons sold rather than the amount they were actually sold for.A In addition, SIPRI does not track the transfer of certain small arms.
These should cover all the important touch-points and include soft measures such as ‘the Key Account Manager understands my business needs’.
We achieve an average worldwide response rate of just over 70% for our clients, based on posing up to 60 questions and statements in the InfoQuest box – plus the two open questions on the folded-up supplemental information form. Just as each customer is different because of their circumstances, market, culture and objectives, so too are each of the people you’ve chosen to survey within the customer’s organisation.
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And, because in a business-to-business environment ‘people buy from people’, the all-important relationships between Key Account Managers and their contacts can be audited and managed.

Most InfoQuest surveys will identify personality clashes which, when dealt with (usually by simply swapping an account from one KAM to another) open up the opportunities to sell more. Price is not so much of an issue because they recognise the value that your business brings to their business.

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