You can also do this digitally – there are numerous sites which help you draw names virtually, saving you all the fuss.
If you are exchanging gifts with a closer group of friends, you probably need no guidance – just pick something you know will make the other person happy.
If you still have no idea what to get, well, try SecretSanta.Me and let the app decide for you, or at least give you a couple of ideas. But remember, the most important thing is to never let it slip who you are giving a gift to before the actual exchange! First, set a price limit – the point of Secret Santa is to get to know people a bit better and get closer to them. It might be at the office Christmas party, or a quiet get together, it may even be over the lunch break – but make sure there is a bit of a Christmas atmosphere! If you are getting a gift for a co-worker that you are just not that familiar with, this might be a bit more of a pickle.

The person who organized the whole event can start the whole process by presenting the allotted present to the person from their Secret Santa note.
If you are doing this with a smaller group of people, who you are more familiar with, names are all it takes. All these platforms assign a secret gift giver from a pool of participants and alert people about their Secret Santa gift recipient via e-mail. If there is a wishlist, stick to it, and if there isn’t one, use the short description from the Secret Santa paper you drew to get something a bit more personal.
This app was developed by Clock, a company founded with a loan from The Prince’s Trust, so all Amazon’s referral fees from this Tombola will be donated straight back to the charity. Then that persona gives the gift to their allotted Secret Santa gift recipient and this goes on until everybody has their present and there is a lot of Christmas cheer all around. Some of them also have more options, like creating special invitations, virtual events or wishlists, and some just scramble and draw names for you, so browse through them and choose the one that suits your needs.

Basically, you are giving a gift to the person who is assigned to you, but also a completely random stranger who will one day be funded by The Prince’s Trust- it doesn’t get more Christmasy than that!
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The whole point is to have fun, not to fret over whether you’ve spent enough money on your bosses gift.

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