In his annual preparation for Christmas, Santa Claus has done something special for Country 100 listeners - he's put together a special sack of presents especially for  us to give to you! CONCERT TICKETS TO: Terri Clark - in Moose Jaw- March 23 and Eric Church - in Saskatoon - Feb 7th, The Country 100 “STAR GUITAR” signed by Emerson Drive, High Valley, Doc Walker and Jason Blaine. When the City of Moose Jaw and South-central Saskatchewan want local news, weather, and sports online and on-demand, they turn to Discover Moose Jaw. Printable christmas gift tags, Christmas gift tags in .doc format free to download and print. Secret santa gift poems sharing white elephant gifts, The secret santa gift exchange is enhanced by sharing special poems. 2015 holiday gift guide: stocking stuffers & secret santa, Ah yes, it's truly the little things in life! 25 inexpensive secret santa gift ideas -workers, Find perfect gift -worker holiday gift exchange party collection secret santa gift ideas priced $20 .. Secret santa invitations, secret santa invites - zazzle, Find secret santa invitations & announcements sizes zazzle. When you're holding a large Christmas party, it is unrealistic -- and expensive -- for everyone to bring a gift for each person in attendance. Ask everyone who RSVPs for the party if they would like to participate in the gift exchange.
Tell each person who would like to participate to provide a list of three things he or she would like, and give a price limit, such as $30.

E-mail all participants separately to let them know who they are matched with and what that person requested. At the party, have everyone place their wrapped gift for their matches under the tree, with the "to" part of the gift tag filled out but the "from" part left blank. You can play greed with any number of people, and this game is usually talked about long after the party is over. Note in your party invitation that everyone should bring a wrapped gift, and give a dollar amount limit for the gift.
At game time, count the number of guests present, and ask each one if he or she brought a gift. Place all the gifts in the middle of a table or on the floor, with the guests surrounding so that everyone can see. Have the person with number one pick a gift and open it, showing the gift to everyone else. After all the gifts are chosen, give guests five minutes to trade their still-wrapped gifts with other attendees. As Moose Jaw Saskatchewan's website for local job listings, free classifieds, garage sales, family events, business directory and weather cancellations, Discover Moose Jaw is your connection to local information. To get around this requirement, and to spice up the evening a bit, many hosts choose to hold gift exchanges. The easiest way to do this is by e-mail, or if this is an office party, by putting a sign-up sheet in the break room.

This helps people who have no idea what to buy and prevents people from giving or receiving bad Christmas presents. Number one gets matched with the first person you draw out of the hat, and so on, until all the names have been drawn. This person has the option to either steal person one's gift or take a new gift out of the center.
If players one or two have their gifts stolen at this point, they can take gifts from the middle or from the other players who have already opened gifts. Each player can steal from any of the previous players or take from the middle, but taking from the middle is the only way to truly progress the game. For example, most hosts will put limits on the number of times a popular gift can be "stolen" or it will simply progress around the circle in perpetuity.
Also, it's a good idea to state that you can't steal back something that's stolen from you or you could end up with a tug of war. Some hosts choose to have only gag gifts in the grab bag just to get some laughs out of the attendees. By putting guidelines in place before the party and during the exchange, everyone is sure to leave the party with a festive memory and fun gift.

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