It’s getting chilly, and there’s no better way to stay warm than by rocking the Milly Knit Holiday Gift Set. With a well-rounded education and work experience on her side, Lauren takes her vast knowledge of all things fashion and delivers it to women. People should really consider setting down their smart phone and picking up a deck of cards – designer cards. Newsletter Sign upFashion tips, advice, and insider secrets, delivered straight to your inbox! It’s easy to get caught up in the spending hype during the holidays, but there are only a few people you really want to spoil. Okay, so, maybe your name wasn't drawn from a hat, and you're not planning on partaking in any holiday gifting games. Secret Santa gifts are fun in theory, but visions of boring bags of candy and novelty-scented lip gloss just give us a huge case of the holiday sads.
If you’ve been perusing Pinterest for hours with nada in sight, here are the best Secret Santa gifts that are actually available (and adorable). It’s that time of the year when your office coworkers, your group of friends or your family have pulled you into their Secret Santa pool.

You could win this chic hat and gloves by telling us about your favorite kind of holiday party. So they can have fun, feel powerful, and become transformed into their true selves through the power of style. Most women love to spread candles out around their office or house for decoration and fragrance! Luckily, Secret Santa gifts are usually somewhere under the $30 mark, which means that you won’t have to sell your spleen to afford your friendships.
Don’t worry, your Secret Santa will never have to know that you waited until the last possible minute to gift them with goodies.
But I have to say, Starbucks has outdone themselves this holiday season with their Dot collection of mugs, tumblrs and cold cups. IE still is the market leader and a good part of people will pass over your excellent writing because of this problem. Lucky for you, you can save that stress for another day because I’ve got some sure to please gift ideas for your next Secret Santa gift exchange.
But I do think it’s important to spend some energy and make an effort to find something fun or cute for Secret Santa.

From the Type A to the Party Animal, we’ve got the personalities and the presents to go with!
It’s also perfect for Christmas when we get a little sentimental and spend time with our loved ones. I’m obsessed with pepper jellies, give me some brie and a some crackers and well, I could finish it one go. While Starbucks and iTunes gift cards are perfectly fine, why not hand out a holiday gift that not only stands out but doesn’t break your budget. Now, match the personality of your Secret Santa—or others on your holiday gift list—to those on this list, and shop away.

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