Large families are wonderful, but purchasing gifts for brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews and their significant others can put quite a strain on the pocketbook.
Nowadays, many families opt for a “Secret Santa” gift exchange: Each person draws the name of another family member, purchasing  just that one gift. But instead of going to the store and getting something that you ponder about forever or the other person doesn’t really need -our price limit is between $15 and $20 and the theme is food and drink.
My in-laws do a ‘Yankee Swap’ (Chinese grab bag, white elephant) everyone buys a gift worth $10, we draw numbers and then the picking begins. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It’s easy to get caught up in the spending hype during the holidays, but there are only a few people you really want to spoil. Okay, so, maybe your name wasn't drawn from a hat, and you're not planning on partaking in any holiday gifting games. Secret Santa gifts are fun in theory, but visions of boring bags of candy and novelty-scented lip gloss just give us a huge case of the holiday sads. Secret Santa is meant to be a little bit of light-hearted fun, to help spread some festive cheer around the office. But these sorts of presents can sometimes be tricky to find, and particularly if you don’t know your recipient that well.
Festive Christmas party selfie props – hours of office fun to be had with this pack of 10 props for taking the best Christmas selfies. Christmas coffee – this Christmas coffee (ground or whole bean) from Cherizena Coffee infused with Jamaican rum, nuts, citrus and spices, will be a great thing to wake up to on Christmas morning. Roller tape dispenser – bring a little 80’s funk to the office with this reusable tape dispenser.

G4 Camera Styled Cover for iPhone 4 – priced at ?4.99, this vintage camera-themed phone case is ideal for taking the office ‘selfie’. Egg-splode egg cup and soldier cutter – for the young at heart, or someone with boys, this will be a great way to start the day. Create your own chocolate bar – for around a fiver, you can have a go at being Willy Wonka and create a bespoke, personalised 120g chocolate bar for a colleague. War on Error erasers – priced at ?5, this squad of six tiny green GIs is perfect for the colleague who often makes mistakes!
Eggspress Star – for the colleague who pays close attention to detail, they will love this festive star-shaped egg mould. Starbucks voucher – ask your local Starbucks barrister for an unused ‘red’ Christmas cup, and place a ?5 voucher inside it. If you have a killer Secret Santa gift to add to our list, please let us know in the comments below as we’d love to hear. Wendy McAuliffe is director of social media and content creation consultancy Populate Digital, and co-founder of Bloggers Required. You didn’t think you were going to get away with there not being a swap for the time of year dedicated strictly to giving and getting presents (and of course the birth of the eight pound, six ounce newborn Baby Jesus). Ricci is a single 30-something from Arkansas who is a lover of big hair, anything pink, monograms, selfies, fancy coffee, and her dog Sophie. I usually look at my recipient’s Facebook page or Goodreads profile to see what books they have read and enjoyed over the year and then I gift them a book that is similar so I know they will enjoy it.
Wendy’s a former technology journalist and in her spare time writes a parenting blog, MummyMcAuliffe. If you sign up, please know that you are being paired with someone and no one wants to not receive a swap gift when they have spent their time and money preparing one as well.

Each holiday they sit together – each with a gift in hand – to read “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” When the word ‘the” is read, the gifts are passed to the person to the right. Each person would write their name and a couple things they wanted on the list, then each adult picked a name and we kept it a secret until Christmas day. Nowadays most companies advise on a budget of around ?5, and while that doesn’t buy an awful lot, with some thought and preparation it can be enough to cause a giggle or two. Myself and some of my favorite, favorite, favorite, favorite (that’s one for each of you) ladies are back with a Christmas themed swap, sure to hold you over for awhile. If for any reason you cannot participate after you have signed up, please let one of us know as soon as possible.
When the tale is over, the gift left in your hand is yours (special consideration is given for kids). Patent and Trademark Office, with the Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market, and in other jurisdictions. This is important because you will only know who you are sending to, not who is sending to you. This way this is an actual Secret Santa Swap! If you include a card in your package, simply sign it “Your Secret Santa” It will be so much fun to all find out together who got your name!

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