These cool Coleman lights make a great gift for all kinds of guys, from gadget lovers, to runners, to outdoorsmen ($9.99 at Target-in camping section. I was totally wowed by the Target Dollar Bin on my most recent trip (as you'll soon be able to tell).
This was the most inexpensive of all the portable speakers at Target (and there's a link for this one: HMDX Portable Speaker). This flashing bike light has an elastic band that stretches over the handlebars so a biker can ride in a safer fashion. You may remember another 8-in-1 screwdriver featured in the Secret Santa Gifts for a Dollar post. Frank "Zeus" Marcopolos is a former paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division turned literary fiction author and audiobook narrator. Beautiful Gem Tree with large amethyst foundation and small amethyst gems as leaves on the tree - Dorothy says it is absolutely gorgeous!!!! You've got to be in-store to appreciate most of the CTS bargains, although they do have a new website, which I haven't used yet)!
They're just a simple acrylic stretch glove, and the fingertips allow the user to use a touch-screen device without removing them!

It comes in three different colors, has a clever little hook, and you can even store your device inside of it!
Now that we're losing sunlight earlier in the day, this is a great choice for the active guy on your list.
While that one is still a great choice, this one by kwik has a smaller profile and a sleeker look.
His drill sergeants gave him the nickname "Zeus" and it was not meant as a compliment, unfortunately. I know full well that any of these gifts would be suitable for and appreciated by women all over the world, but that's not the point of this post.
Must only be available in stores.) They're versatile: they can hang by an attached band, clip onto a belt or tent, and they're magnetic! Think of how much stress you'll save your giftee; never again will they have to worry about the airline extra luggage fee! Although it's not just DIY-ers who need measurements on-the-fly, and at $1.00, it's a great small gift to include for your guy. On its own, it's a great idea for the winter months, but if you want to give your giftee an extra-special treat, fill it with some hot chocolate and leave it on their desk.

And at $1 (from the Target Dollar Bin again), it's another small filler gift that can help you save up for a more substantial final present for your giftee. These tools are always nice to have around for those annoying screws that are too small for a regular driver. It's the most expensive gift featured so far, but it would make a great final gift for spicy food lovers. If you don't have a Christmas Tree Shops near you, there are several other luggage scale options on Amazon. They make fancier versions, too, and they have them at most department stores, but I was happy getting the cheap version, myself!
I would love to hear your comments and I read them all--even if it's an old post!Unfortunately, I had to disallow anonymous commenting because of too many spammers :(Look forward to hearing from you! So this installment of Secret Santa Saturday is dedicated to some general ideas about how to shop for the men on your Secret Santa list.

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