Toma el control de tus personajes preferidos de Los Sabados Secretos para vivir una increible aventura a traves de 10 niveles repletos de accion, desde peligrosas selvas hasta ciudades ocultas bajo el mar, y coleccionar e interactuar con mas de 50 cryptids nunca antes vistos. How much fun are these ornaments — great fun to make the kids or a wine party with your friends. Using a hot glue gun and some ribbon you can add some more style and a ribbon for hanging on the tree. Even though The Secret Saturdays, which airs on the Cartoon Network (and Teletoon in Canada), has only been around since 2008, kids are going absolutely ape over it! Well it would even seem like a new show if it did because if you think about it they left off at a part that seems like everything's changed.

This year I’ve been collecting metal plumbing handles for the Mad River Barn project and decided to use a few to make some interesting homemade decorations for my tree and as gifts. Don’t forget to see the COUPON CODE on the Bottom of this POST for 20% OFF Salvage Secrets (and the Pre-Order of Salvage Secrets Design and Decor). It’s a cartoon series that follows the adventures of the Saturdays – a family of zoologists (that means they study animals) that are doing their best to keep an important secret from being spilled. As part of an organization of scientists who protect mankind from the hidden and terrifying secrets of the world, the Saturdays travel the Earth, exploring ancient temples and bottomless caves and battling evil villains like V.
So to new viewers it will still make sense and to old viewer's they will finally get what they want which is another season of Danny Phantom.

If anyone ever did find out about the cryptids – monsters that haven’t yet been discovered by science – it would spell serious trouble for both humans and the monsters themselves. The family searches high and low for cryptids, in an attempt to keep the existence of these unusual beasts hidden from the rest of the world. In fact, the Saturdays keep many cryptids as pets, and they’re actually a pretty loving bunch.

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