Afterwards, Zak asks for a picture with Ben as an alien, which at then Rook remarks why people always like Ben's aliens while he and all the aliens in Undertown are real aliens.
Drew Saturday would later make a cameo appearance in Ben 10: Omniverse episode 78, titled "The Most Dangerous Game Show", competing in a game show alongside many other female characters until she is eliminated in the second round. The Secret Saturdays are chasing a small Chupacabra. They accidentally run into Ben Tennyson as Shocksquatch and mistook him for a cryptid.

Ben transforms into Shocksquatch and with a giant electric attack, he defeats the army somehow and times out. Argost continues to fight Zak while the rest of the Saturdays fight Animo and the chupacabras. And so  the chupacabra attack Fisk and wrap their tongues around his leg, pulling him to Dr.

Animo reveals that he has an entire army of Cryptids and that his simple mind control can't control them.

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