The Secret Saturdays is about Doc, Drew, and Zak who are part of a network of scientists who work together to save the world by keeping hazardous secrets!
Zak's cryptid-influencing powers are put to their final test as Argost unleashes an army of cryptids on the entire world.
Drew reunites with Doyle, Zon, and Van Rook in the Himalayas, where they hope to learn about the orange cryptid that was stolen by Argost. An adventuresome family of experts in the field of creatures known as cryptids attempts to protect their secrets and powers from the forces of evil. Create a free ShareTV account to make a personalized schedule of your favorite TV shows, keep track of what you've watched, earn points and more. Enter the email address you used to create the account and your password will be emailed to you. They must fulfill their duties while trying to not get on each other's nerves with the usual and plain family squabbles!
Argost, host of the popular TV show, Weird World, is after the legendary Kur Stone, which is capable of unleashing the powerful ancient Sumerian cryptid, Kur. Its two spikes or horns are used as antennas to feel for foods, or to see were it is going.

Guidebox is your guide to all the of from CARTOON NETWORK that are available online for FREE. The tripod-like triangle feet it has are also used to distribute the outer temperatures evenly. Argost's possession, the Saturday family races to the location of the final stone piece, Manaus, Brazil before Argost can get to it. Even though this cryptid is portrayed as a disfigured human in mythology, it is really a giant species of leech.
This cryptid is known for ingesting large amounts of blood, and bloating to the size of baloons. 03, 2008 1x03 The Vengeance of HibagonThe Saturdays discover a "Bigfoot" like creature in Japan who wants revenge on his creator. 10, 2008 1x04 Ice Caverns of Ellef RingnesAfter disturbing an Inuit chamber, the Secret Scientists accidentally create a giant snowstorm. 17, 2008 1x05 Guess Who's Going to Be Dinner?When Zak finds out that a cryptid hunter plans on attacking their headquarters, he comes up with a plan to save the day without ruining Doc and Drew's anniversary.
07, 2008 1x07 Van Rook's ApprenticeWhen Drew spots Van Rook's new apprentice Doyle without his mask on, she wonders if he is really her long-lost brother.

14, 2008 1x08 Twelve Hundred Degrees FahrenheitWhen a volcano erupts, a lizard-man known as the Cherufe is released. Garden was a big ratings success, Watch The Season 2 9 Online Stream English Dubbed Anime, Cartoons Animated Movies online for free! 21, 2008 1x09 The Owlman Feeds at MidnightWhen the Saturdays travel to Southern England for information on the Kur Stone, they end up getting involved with a string of disappearances caused by the Owlman.
05, 2008 1x10 The Swarm At The Edge Of SpaceAfter the Saturdays rescue Agents Epsilon and Francis, space jellyfish attack. 12, 2008 1x11 Black MondayWhen Zak touches the mystic Smoke Mirror of Tezcatlipoca, it unleashes the Monday family, evil doppelgangers of his family with their own unique powers Apr. 10, 2009 1x12 EternoWhen water supplies in the Middle East are inexplicably turning into salt, the Secret Scientists send Drew and Zak to investigate.
CryptidThe Saturdays discover the existence of underground cryptid fights run by Leonidas Van Rook.

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