In The Return of Tsul 'Kalu, it is revealed that young Zak was the one who destroyed the Judaculla stone in an accidental rockslide, causing Tsul 'Kalu to go after him.
Fiskerton is apparently responsible for several attacks on Secret Scientists, so Zak and the family cryptids go on a quest to clear their names. Despite "Monday" being a supposed made up name for them, when Zak Saturday asks Drew Monday if she "Would you trust Zak Monday?" she responded with a "no". Komodo Monday says "As Zak sends your brothers to destroy all of Paris", but Zon is a girl.
His white tuft of hair is rounded and he wears orange pajamas, and sometimes a Mokele Mbembe T-shirt.

Tsul 'Kalu tracked the Saturdays, until one night he spots Doc in the HQ while he was trying to attack a soundly sleeping Zak.
They are led to Paris by Zak and Komodo Monday, who need Zak to retrieve their airship from the antimatter universe, now accessible through the repaired smoke mirror.
So it can be possible that Monday is their surname, as Drew Monday responded knowing who he was talking about, or it is possible she just went with it due to the circumstances. Doc told him that Zak was too young to take responsibility for his action, and as his father, Doc would take it for him. He didn't know anything about his cryptid power yet since he only discovered it in the comic "The Cannibal Curse".

In the end Doc won and received the Hand of Tsul 'Kalu as a prize but he lost the sight of one eye in the process. Thus, when Zak and Komodo Monday try to take off with it, it falls out of the sky and back into the mirror, trapping the Mondays in their own dimension once more.
So in order to keep Zak from feeling guilty, Drew and Doc told him that it happened from an experiment accident.

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