The idea actually aligns with an Obama agenda to create vast new restrictions and regulations on guns.
In Colorado, Weld County Sheriff John Cooke said he and many other county sheriffs “won’t bother” with several laws poised to go into effect in Colorado because they would be impossible to enforce. One of the laws would require private sellers to do a background check on purchasers in private gun transaction, but the sheriffs wonder how to keep track of whether gun owners are meeting the new requirements.
The Colorado Legislature also passed a bill putting a 15-round limit on ammunition magazines. The new bill regarding the Secret Service, SB-13-013, passed on a nearly party line vote in the Democrat-controlled House and is now awaiting the governor’s signature.

The legislation does not only apply to agents guarding the president or other government officials but also to special agents, uniformed division officers, physical security technicians, physical security specialists and special officers of the United States Secret Service.
4435198Four upper management officials at the Secret Service were asked to resign and did so Wednesday, The Washington Post reported. A fifth agent also decided to resign voluntarily. Secret Service director and former professional Disney World costume character Julia Pierson resigned in October after a man managed to jump the White House fence, get in through an unlocked front door, and run into the White House residence.
John Hickenlooper’s desk that Republican lawmakers say would give members of the Secret Service broad arrest powers in the state and could provide a framework for federal agents eventually to enforce gun restrictions. WND has reported that hundreds of sheriffs nationwide, including many in Colorado, have said they cannot enforce federal restrictions that would violate the Second Amendment.

And sheriffs in other parts of the nation agree, with more than 340 already banding together to promise to uphold the U.S. The bill grants members of the Secret Service arrest powers by considering them to be a peace officer, putting them on a par with state law-enforcement officials with respect to arrest authority.
Secret Service needs strong new leadership from outside the agency and an infusion of agents and uniformed officers - not to mention a better fence - to protect the White House adequately, an independent review panel said on Thursday.

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