Kingsman: The Secret Service, Project Almanac, The DUFF, The Strain, The Last Ship and more! Before we even touch this information, there are some major Kingsman: The Secret Service spoilers in this article. Now that that’s out of the way, Kingsman: The Secret Service had a big weekend at the box office.
Firth is fantastic in the film, so I’d be thrilled to have him back, but you’ve got to wonder, how can Vaughn possibly pull that off in a believable manner? If that is the case, it could be interesting to see Harry return to Kingsman and have to adjust to life with Eggys as a full-blown agent.

This is all speculation, but the idea of seeing the super experienced Harry Hart adapting to Eggsy’s “new way” could work. This title might contain multiple covers, scroll down to check the gallery or hit next button after opening gallery. La-La Land Records presents the original motion picture score to the feature film Kingsman: The Secret Service, starring Colin Firth, Samuel L. If he does come back for Kingsman 2, I’m betting Vaughn takes the “he’s not really dead” approach. Jackson and Michael Caine, and directed by Matthew Vaughn – in theaters nationwide February 13, 2015.

There was a little bit of sequel talk even before the film hit theaters on February 13th, but now that it’s a certified hit, it’s no surprise that the Kingsman 2 discussions continue. It certainly looked like a fatal shot on screen, but I’d imagine Kingsman has some seriously skilled doctors on staff, so perhaps Harry Hart survived it.

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