Easy as pie: An intruder (left) simply hopped the White House fence and somehow made it all the way to the Executive Mansion before the Secret Service was able to stop him. Video from the scene showed the intruder sprinting across the lawn as Secret Service agents shouted at nearby pedestrians to clear the area.'This situation was a little different than other incidents we have at the White House,' Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan said. Flying away: Obama, his daughter Sasha (second left) and an unidentified friend (left) were pictured heading to the Presidential retreat at Camp DavidWHITE HOUSE SECURITY BREACHES OVER THE YEARSExperts say Friday's breach was the first time in recent memory that an intruder actually made it inside the White House after hopping the fence.
Eleven Secret Service employees along with about 10 military personnel have been caught up in a prostitution scandal since last week. So far, two of the ousted agents have been identified as David Randall Chaney and Greg Stokes. A woman identified by the New York Daily News as Dania Suarez is now reportedly in hiding after she was revealed as one of the alleged prostitutes in the scandal. Suarez's lawyer told the Daily News on Friday that she decided to go into hiding because of too much exposure. David Randall Chaney and Greg Stokes: Who are the Agents Ousted in the Secret Service Prostitution Scandal? Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy. 4326881A former DEA agent has sent a stern letter to the head of White House Security, detailing an eyewitness account of Secret Service agents playing on their smart phones instead of manning the perimeter of the most important home in the United States.
Grimes said he could easily overpower the Secret Service and execute an attack on the White House, as agents are busy texting and otherwise zoned out on their phones.

As of late, members of the Secret Service have been caught with prostitutes and getting sloshed on the job.
Grimes owns Criminal Investigation Techniques, a company specializing in training, risk assessment and consulting to law enforcement agencies.
The Defense Department acknowledged to other lawmakers that it knew that six military personnel had broken curfew rules prior to President Barack Obama's arrival at a Latin American summit but let them remain on the job. Some senators expressed their frustration that few details about the situation in Colombia have been released to them.Mr Levin and Senator John McCain of Arizona discussed the investigation with the Defense Department, but Mr McCain complained afterward. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Another member of staff at the agency was cleared by investigators of "serious misconduct", but will face administrative action.The scandal broke when a dispute between an escort and an agent spilled into the hallway of a beachfront hotel. A deal has been agreed in the long-running dispute over a new junior doctors' contract in England after eight days of talks. Secret Service could lose their jobs on Friday, a source has told the Associated Press. The allegations are that the men, most of whom are married, brought 20 or 21 female foreign nationals, according to U.S. They were both supervisors for the team of agents in Cartagena, the Washington Post reported Thursday.
He was the supervisor in the international programs division and has a wife and an adult son.

So getting distracted by cell phones seems rather tame until, well, a mentally ill vet shows up with a machete and 800 rounds of ammo. In addition to the Secret Service officers and supervisors, another dozen military personnel also were implicated in the prostitution scandal. The military said at the time the scandal broke that the enlistees involved were confined to quarters and under orders to have no contact with any other people. 11: A 'Pokemon' nut wearing a bright-yellow Pikachu hat was caught walking down the North Lawn seconds after jumping. The woman has told the New York Times that she was arguing with an agent over payment for the prior night's service. Park Police (L) and a National Park Service employee (C) as they stand watch over the north fence of the White House, along Pennsylvania Avenue, September 22, 2014. The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Senator Carl Levin, questioned the military's decision.'That's a question which we obviously will be raising,' said Mr Levin, a Michigan Democrat. A man who scaled the fence and ran into the White House on Friday night had more than 800 rounds of ammunition in his car and had been arrested in July with a sniper rifle and a map marking the executive mansion, a federal prosecutor said on Monday. The incident reportedly took place prior to President Barack Obama's visit to attend the Summit of the Americas meeting.

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