By the sounds of it, Colorado is being targeted with an attempt to set up loopholes that will allow the U.S.
Most of us are well aware that just about every Sheriff across the country, including our own Weld and Larimer Sheriffs, (about 350 in all) have all said they will not enforce any mandate from Washington if it violates the Second Amendment, which these future mandates do. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. Sign up to have exclusive K99 Country Club contests, events, coupons, presales, and much more delivered to you for FREE. No more exotic strip clubs and nights of heavy drinking for Secret Service personnel on foreign trips.
In the wake of a scandal involving prostitutes on a presidential trip to Colombia, Secret Service management this afternoon issued new regulations for agents on a foreign assignment.
Several Secret Service agents on a presidential trip to Colombia have lost their security clearances or their jobs over alleged misbehavior said to include heavy drinking at a sex club and hotel, and the use of prostitutes. The behavior raised ethical and security questions about the agency charged with protecting the president.
King praised Secret Service director Mark Sullivan for his "swift and certain" action, and expressed confidence in the ongoing investigation into the scandal. The new regulations also will require all agents to complete ethics training before being eligible for travel assignments. In addition, agents will be briefed on standards of conduct before departing on a trip, and a supervisor from the Secret Service's Office of Responsibility will travel with all agency teams to make sure standards are observed.

Finally, the new regulations say that the laws of the United States shall apply to Secret Service personnel while abroad.
In the wake of high-profile security failures at the White House, the Secret Service is focusing on training and hiring.
With little more than 40 days in the position, Clancy told the House Judiciary Committee that he had already identified areas for improvement after a series of lapses that included a fence-jumping White House intruder in September, shots being fired at the building in 2011 and a prostitution scandal involving agents on an overseas visit to Colombia in 2012. Since then, Clancy said, the Secret Service has pushed for further training, adding that officers now complete White House intruder scenarios at the agency’s Maryland training facility.
Clancy said that more than 200 people have been hired to the Service in 2014, with more scheduled for 2015.
But the hiring process for a new agent can take up to a year, and training is difficult when officers are overscheduled, he noted.
Clancy was careful to note that he did not believe budget cuts led to the errors in the September fence-jumping.
Lawmakers emphasized the need for a higher standard for agents in light of the prostitution scandal and a case involving drunken agents during a visit to the Netherlands earlier this year. Among the issues that plagued agents in September, according to the Homeland Security report, were garbled radio traffic that made tracking Gonzalez difficult, personnel who were unfamiliar with the White House floor plan, and a canine officer taking a call on his personal cellphone at the time, according to the report. A lack of sufficient training for uniformed Secret Service officers, overworked agents, and confusion over reporting up the chain of command contributed to the day’s failures, the report concluded. The agency also awaits the results of an independent commission formed to investigate the security lapses.

Secret Service to arrest and remove an elected sheriff for refusing to enforce the law, or anyone breaking the law.
Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, has been pushing for an independent investigation of the Colombia misbehavior, and suggested the new rules aren't a substitute for such an investigation. He replaced previous agency director Julia Pierson, who resigned after a series of revelations about the fence jumper and other security failures. More than 40,000 people applied for the most recent Secret Service class, Clancy said, but few passed the hiring process.
Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, a vocal critic of the Secret Service, challenged Clancy over misleading information the agency released about the lapses, including stating that the fence-jumper was unarmed. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., provided a moment of humor when he proposed a moat surrounding the White House to supplement the existing fence. This means ALL Secret Service including uniformed division officers, physical security technicians, specialists, and other ‘special officers’.

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