Check out our complete artist list and book an appointment today!Ok MySpace dorks, lets be friends! I store my shoes in clear plastic shoe boxes and put a picture of them on the front so I can easily see what’s inside them! I use clear boxes for my shoes but it ends up being a pain getting them in and out of the box. All posts and content on this blog are created solely for La Dolce Vita and are a copyright product of Paloma Contreras Media, LLC.
La Dolce Vita reserves the right to moderate comments and remove any comments that are deemed as spam or are inappropriate or offensive without notice. Any personal information collected at the time of a giveaway will never be sold or disclosed to third-parties.
From time to time, I may feature a sponsored post or affiliate links from which I earn a small commission or fee. I came back from my trip a couple of days ago, and I did what I always do: unpack, load the washing machine, and check out Zara's website, because I've been keeping away from it for almost two weeks, and that's crazy, especially in this time of the year. In my personal rating of shoes I can only admit two categories: porn shoes and dream shoes. Last march at Micam I fell in love with almost every shoe displayed at the Gianni Marra corner, they we girly and well made, as usual; one of my favourite designs is a bicolored suede ankle boot, with a thick heel and a super cute tiny bow.
Yes, I'm writing about Zara, yet again; I'm recovering from a splatter experience at the dentist, so I guess I'll blame it on all the drugs I had to take in order to survive.

Let me just remind that you can express your vote ONCE by choosing your favourite entry; you can vote starting from now, until Dec 24, 2pm.
Merry Christmas guys, don't forget to enjoy your time with your family, open your gifts… and eat a lot! These stunning beige and zebra print, soft fabric shoe have a sexy, zebra print stiletto heel. The shoe ottoman is a really cool idea, but I like my shoes to be on display I like the shelves, too! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Please do not use posts without written permission or without linking back and crediting the original source.
We will only consider products that are in keeping with the La Dolce Vita aesthetic and will not feature products that have no relevance to the blog or our readers.
I usually write about porn shoes, like Casadei Blade pumps for instance, because they are sexy and fierce, they make me feel like a tough woman and that is always good, but sometimes a girl needs to dream away.
I'm still in pain, and I've been wearing Converse for the past two days, I'm sure you'll understand that I'm not in the mood for new posts; I'll come back soon, but I still want to remind you about my ShoeContest, hope you enjoy!
I'm sorry about it, but I wanted to show you my latest purchase as soon as possibile, because I have other posts planned for the next few days!
Whether you have lots of space, limited space, you like open storage, or closed storage, there’s something for you.

I love shelves because they’re so versatile, they come in many different sizes and can fit any budget. You can have as many or as few shelves as you want, to fit your space, and can install them anywhere. Use deep shelves (like those below right) to keep less frequently used or out-of-season shoes in the back. If one shoe topples over, for example, it won’t create a domino effect and topple over the others. If you prefer to have things more out of sight, you can install a wall rack and conceal it with a beautiful curtain (see below left). The Lilly Pulitzer Home Rousseau Ottoman, shown above right, is outfitted to store sixteen pairs. I love that as a bonus it’s lined with beautiful fabric in a colorful print for an unexpected surprise.

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