One of the world's biggest spy bases is located in the middle of central Australia at Pine Gap, NT.
One of the world's biggest spy bases is located in the middle of Australia at Pine Gap, NT. We’re joking about the last one, but we’re certain there is some poor soul out there who did that. If you’re as curious as we are, then here are some of those hidden places that the Google machine wants us to steer clear of! Also known as The Snow Saddle, this Himalayan mountain has been completely blacked out….Google told us it was a system glitch, but we know better….

Why did this Oil Refinery ask Google to make its image green and to remove its building and surroundings removed from Google Earth? This place is home to 50,000 people, yet most of the Island has been pixelated….It’s claimed  to just be due to fishing rights, but who are we really going to believe? In the depths of the Siberian Tundra, Google Earth decided to blur out a huge section of wilderness…but why? One is even supposed to be four times worse than those that dropped on Hiroshima… Will we ever learn that atomic bombs are the WORST IDEA EVER?! Search engine Google has used its influence this Australia Day to send a message of support against what many Australians celebrate every 26th of January.

Apparently, there are many secret cities in the country, where there are incredibly strict restrictions on residency and you need special permission to gain access. Possibly because they’re drawn to top-secret defense strategies, as it’s thought to be the headquarters of the Government’s missile defense program.

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