This song was played 51 times in a row — though the viewer only has to endure it three times before Strong Bad cuts away.
The theme song suggests an air of adventure, which is a common theme in contemporary children's shows.
The paper cutout designs of the kids' heads that appear during the theme song hint toward one of the more common art styles in Blue's Clues. This show seems to feature a specific letter each episode; also, it contains educational sub-cartoons, like Sesame Street. Prior to the "g" appearing on the screen, Homsar jumps around the scene's foreground and background, reminiscent of Sesame Street's "Near and Far" segments. The children requesting the song to be played again is a reference to Teletubbies, where the video would be repeated as per request from the Teletubbies.
Strong Bad thinks that children who were "raised on that crap" would suffer from the following problems: getting "held back", "repeating the third grade", and having "low standardized test scores".

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