American Ultra is due in theaters on August 21, and the presence of these images leads us to believe its first trailer isn't too far behind. So while we wait to toke out with the first trailer, see if you catch a buzz off our picks for the best all-time stoner movie posters. While Cheryl makes a good case, she was probably too innocent to know the many merits of a date that comes five days earlier. Outer space, mysterious relics, hip-hop music, dental hygiene -- you might not guess it, but this was basically designed in a lab for stoners. The thing about a movie starring a basketball-playing golden retriever is that if you watch it in the right state, it'll seem just crazy enough to be possible. Before he was the Q to Daniel Craig's James Bond or a critically acclaimed stage actor in the U.K.
This movie is a rollicking good time that deserves even more adverbs in the title when you watch it high. This movie is incredibly meta when enjoyed high: Bud and Doyle are an inspiration to aimless stoners everywhere who dream of stumbling into a situation where they can save the world. Watching a horror movie while high can be a bad idea, but Hausu is no ordinary scary movie. Pretty much anything that mixes cartoons and live action is insanely trippy for a stoned audience.

Flying nannies and bags of infinite volume are overwhelming enough, but once the chimney sweeps start dancing and Mary & co.
Relish every drop of this movie's early-2000s quintessence, and take comfort in the fact that you are so much more grown up than you were back then.
The visually stunning documentary travels the world, taking you on a physical and emotional journey without a single word. Pootie's fight against evil corporate America is as relevant to modern stoners (and non-stoners) now as it was 15 years ago, if not more so. The twister is a good warm-up for the full technicolor wonder of Oz, which will utterly overwhelm you in the best way possible.
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It's also the perfect time to hunker down and watch a movie or four — especially if you're choosing films that aren't obvious picks designed for a mind-altered audience, like Friday or Pineapple Express. The best moment: When one character stares in shock at his gloved hands and wonders what’s beneath the glove. The only difference is that when you're high, you will believe unflinchingly in the power of the magic belt.

Maybe this one isn't so secret -- but it's a dream designed to bring tears to the dry eyes of any stoner.
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The premise alone should be incentive enough, but let's add weird accents (not one person is authentically or even convincingly French), gratuitous sniffing, Dustin Hoffman and Alan Rickman in weird wigs.
There’s also something extremely alarming about Wayne Knight's character digging up a whole golf course to find Michael Jordan. It’s fun, it gives you a new perspective and the worst that happens on weed is you get the munchies.

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