GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WORK THEIR ASSES OFF There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice. Bruno also revealed his secret to the other housemates, let's see what is his punishment. Dia 57: Uma vez fechados na arca, ou seja, no quarto Diogo vai a cama onde esta Maria Joana dar lhe varios miminhos durante a noite.
There's no doubt about it.When he was a woman her name was IvoneHow do you know that ? And I think it makes no sence to put a walk on Bruno because he didn't officialy entered the season.
So, people there just agree with that, he's being really stupidto be honest i would be going psycho in that house considering how emotionally intense i am.
Aqui vao encontrar toda a informacao sobre a Casa dos Segredos - Secret Story - Luta pelo poder.

Lourenco would be my first answer, but it could also be the other 3, Ruben got a strange voice and body, Juliana has had work on her face and Yana is mysterious.
Like they press all their buttons I personally think sometimes it's psychological torture was the portuguese production does. Sofia is a bit revolted, because it was an opportunity to her to know if her baby was fine.There was an glass between them, ebora thought there was nothing, and slammed against the glass, lol.
She says that she trusts Bruno, bla bla bla.Than it was shown images from the love triangles, squares and more.
Teresa said to not read it for them, read in particular.Next in the DR, were Joana and Luis.
It seems Diogo and Tierry quite hate each other since their season, Sofia is now friend of both lol.The next category is the sexy mens.
He did that, and received the letter, were Luis' ex-girlfriend said that their relationship was over now.

To listen that, Tiago had to wear a t-shirt with a photo of Bernardina's ex-boyfriend, lol. As the priest, PEDRO (SS5) also enter in this DF.Next housemates are SOFIYA and FLAVIA (SS5). Production revealed it to her, and she seemed not surprised, lol.Then, it was Ruben in the DR.
Fernando said that no-one ever talked about Wilson after he was ejected, Wilson says that's a lie and he was even more talked than him.

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