I'm splitting this into a separate post to not spoil the people going to the episode post for links with song titles.
Build a Bear's MD Roger Parry has revealed his plans for the upcoming year in an interview with Toynews . Description: Rainbow Dash has been keeping a secret for a long time, ever since she was a young foal.

EQD, VICODIN'S OFFICE (lol) - DAY VICODIN Look at all those fans, waiting for a followup from someone else.
Up till now, keeping that secret has been easy, but recent events have made this normally trivial task very difficult for her.
Capucine, la jeune et belle Lyonnaise de 21 ans, avant de rentrer dans la maison des Secrets, a visiblement fait quelques photos denudees qui avec sa soudaine notoriete et mediatisation ne pouvaient pas rester longtemps cachees.

A croire en voyant ces superbes cliches, qu'on retrouvera la jolie Capucine dans Entrevue ou Newlook prochainement.

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