19 Additional Central Nicaragua Surf Breaks: Brain Crushers, Chicken Bowls, Launch Ramps, Miramar Point, Porky’s, La Casita, Estuaries, Dog Shits, La Bocana, Crocs, Tamarindo Beaches, Salinas Grandes, Hermosa, Indicators, Asuchillo, Meat Grinders, Cherrios, Chiggas and a few secret spots.
Wave Quality: Produces Left and Right beach breaks, picking up north and south swells and can hold decent length waves of up to 50 meters on normal days and up to 300 meters on good days. Surfing: Although a fairly crowded spot, Maderas has a cool atmosphere, friendly tourist crowd and local surfers, plus it is easily accessible. Location: Accessible by boat with a mile long stretch of private beach off Tola road on Hacienda Iguana. Location: Panga Drops has a private access, found in Rivas Province, north of Playa Colorado beach break in Hacienda Iguana. Wave Quality: Long left hander surf although one can catch a decent right from time to time.
Location: Popularly known as Playgrounds, Veracruz is located in the Northern part of Nicaragua, south of La Buoquita and North of Las Salinas. Location: Astillero is a small fishing village in the border or Carazo and Rivas, it can be accessed by car, but it’s best to rent a 4WD and park right at the point, avoiding the long hike. Surfing: Travel to the little fishing village of Astillero, follow the path till you reach the end of the road, in front of the river mouth and you’ll be one of the least surfed beach breaks in Nicaragua. Wave Quality: The beach features lots of peaks, long walls and barrels with a sand bottom and beach break.
Surfing: One of the best kept secrets of San Juan Del Sur, it is a fun spot that can be surfed by any skill level. Location: There is private access through Rancho Santana Resort or through a village called Limon 2 then use a turnoff at the sign Buena Onda resort and follow the road to the beach. Surfing: There is a beach break with a take off point called Perfect Peak, a one spot take off area.
Surfing: The surf has wonderful A frames, powerful reef breaks and perfect waves that put Nicaragua in the map in the first place.
If you’re looking for the ultimate place to soak up the sun and enjoy the cool tranquility of water, look no further than Nicaragua. There are a wide variety of local Nicaraguan hot spots that offer a taste of the rich, warm culture. Vanimo Surf Lodge has a range of surf breaks on the north coast of Papua New Guinea neighbouring Indonesia’s territory of Jayapura.
Intrepid surfers have been coming from all over the world to Vanimo since the 1980s as it appeals to the surf traveller with a sense of adventure and exploration.
Vanimo, like a number of other Papua New Guinean locations has remained a relative secret and still today enjoys a low profile as thousands of surfers fly overhead to other locations around the globe overlooking what is basically a wave mecca on Australia’s doorstep.
Foresight and planning is the secret to low numbers here as the Surfing Association of Papua New Guinea has introduced a global first to maintain and limit the crowds for the benefit of all. The ability to travel to the different local breaks by foot, land and sea provides great variety. The local surfers can always be seen to be having a fun time with smiles from ear to ear a real contrast to other countries big name surf destinations.
Vanimo’s surf area offers a total backdrop of tropical wilderness with a view back to shore only occasionally dotted with a village hut amongst the thousands of coconut palms and beautiful tropical jungle. Visiting surfers often wonder what it “was like 20-30 years ago” and the answer is “not much different at all” apart from a few extra locals who've taken up the sport and often “hoot” you into waves.

Local villagers gather each day in the Vanimo town centre to sell their crafts made from all natural materials. Vanimo Surf Lodge has contacts with local villages to facilitate tours around the area and a favourite is the Waterfall tour where you meet with a team of guides who walk you along the cool mountain stream for approximately 2 kms upstream to a series of waterfalls where the water is so refreshing, crystal clear and cool. The lodge clientele ranges from those looking for adventure in waves surrounded by a jungle shoreline in uncrowded waves where smiling and waving dominates any aggression in the line-up which is reserved for the wave faces to those simply wanting to relax by the beach sipping a cool drink such as an iced coconut and mixer of your choice or coffee. It makes for a holiday atmosphere where you can totally relax in and out of the water, time is not a problem because not many people bother with a watch and nothing much runs on time in Papua New Guinea. Enjoying a meal at the restaurant with a couple of ice cold local South Pacific lagers to wash it down is not a bad way to end the day as the sun sets to the west in a very similar scene to that of Hawaii’s North Shore except there’s hardly anyone around to get in that sunset photo snap. Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, MentawaA?, Indonesia. With various options to choose from one can enjoy hours of uninterrupted, serene, perfect surf any time.
It may not produce the meanest waves but there are frequent big swells to get an experienced surfer’s adrenaline pumping without scaring the newbies. It is a shifty wave that offers big take offs, long rippable walls and big barrels on the inside section. Astillero is known for its hollow waves, double overheads and point breaks best left to experienced surfers. This sandy beach has fast, ordinary swells that can hold up to double overheads on good days. It’s a mile long beach accessible from Nicaragua by boat or car through a coastal route bordering Costa Rica. It is famous for it’s perfect consistent waves ranging from fun to down right scary double overheads. Waves are hollow, fast and powerful going as long as 50 tp 300 meters and swells can hold up to 12 feet.
The concept of the Vanimo Surf Lodge was born from friendly conversations between Andy Abel and David Ryan after a few early expeditions in the early 1990’s.
The waves on offer in Vanimo make it an idyllic location for surfers who are looking to surf without a couple of hundred “mates” in the water. The various locations around Papua New Guinea have a limit on the number of visiting surfers and at Vanimo the current limit is 20 visiting surfers spread over 8 breaks. All breaks are easily accessible and don't require any marathon paddling efforts in distance or through board smashing shore breaks. The local surfers are made up of all ages and both boys and girls and it’s encouraging to see that the girls are on equal footing for once in our surfing world.
Another great feature of the surf area management plan is that the small surf fee goes into local community projects and the local surfers are encouraged to ensure all the visitors have an enjoyable experience. Co-owned by Papua New Guinean and Australian proprietors, the lodge currently accommodates 10 guests with plans to expand to only 20.
An item worth picking up at the market is a traditional PNG string carry bag called a “bilum”.
The sea abounds with life as you can imagine in this idyllic blue water location without the threat of fishing trawlers attacking it on a daily basis. Papua New Guinea grows some of the world’s finest Arabica coffee so you can be sure it is as fresh as you can get.

Consistent swell is about the only thing that runs on time and most times the season runs early in October and finishes late in May. Meals at the lodge are made from locally sourced seafood, meat, chicken, farmed crocodile and vegetables so it’s always fresh and cooked in the traditional way for another cultural experience.
Those with the more adventurous spirit, reap the rewards of hidden private spots to call their own. Producing chest-high to double-overhead hollows this surf-spot offers fun for surfers with different experience levels. What’s best about this beach is there are no crowds, the water is warm and the waves are perfect. It is ideal for all skill levels and though the crowd can get thick at times there is no reason to fight over, just get in line and take the next wave. On most days you would be lucky to have in excess of 6 surfers at any break and more likely 3-4.
In saying that the range of waves varies from the easy Town Beach to the freight trains at the right at Log Point and Lido’s Left.
It is a little like what you could imagine or remember what surfing was like in the early days when you looked for someone to go for a wave with to share the good times and witness each other’s barrels. It is an excellent carry bag for the beach as it is exceptionally strong and allows all the sand to drop out from your beach gear.
If you like fruit there is certainly no shortage as the lodge grows its own red paw paws and there are a wide selection of other locally grown fruits including bananas, mangoes, star fruit, mangosteens, pineapple and even local vanilla beans. The break requires a long paddle out and requires a bit more skill than that of the regular surfer.
This break is a perfect one for a chill day, and for less-experienced surfers, but can challenge even the best. Immediately out the front of the Vanimo Surf Lodge within easy view from the restaurant deck area is Lido’s right which peels endlessly over a mostly sand covered rock bottom with enticing backdoor sections similar to Australia’s famous Angourie Point. The lodge employs a local workforce and ex-pat manager Peter “Moorey” Moore to train the staff in all manner of skills from carpentry to food service and management. For those looking for some adventure a little further afield the lodge can arrange a day tour into Indonesia’s thriving township of Jayapura approximately 2 hours’ drive to the west but you’ll need to arrange an Indonesian visa either before you leave home or at the Indonesian consulate in Vanimo town.
On special occasions and also by special request a traditional earth oven cooking feast may be arranged for groups of 8 or more with a day’s notice. A bigger board is best for paddling and braving the breaks but both long and short boarders alike will love this wave. The size and direction of the surf means that Vanimo’s breaks mostly all turn on at the same time providing plenty of selection.
There are no surf shops but there are local doctors, hospital, banks, supermarket and pharmacy in town.
The locals are always up for a bit of a chat and you’ll get the chance to learn some “pidgin” English at the same time. The swell charges in from any northerly direction with nothing to block its path so it breaks from 2-10ft all season.

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