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Due to amicable differences in our philosophies and objectives, beginning June 2013, Sparta Fitness and Martial Arts will no longer be a CrossFit Inc. In the wake of the Mercedes secret tyre test controversy it has emerged that Ferrari has also taken part in private test at the request of Pirelli. Previously Pirelli had conducted its testing using a 2010-spec Renault under the watch of the Lotus show car program. Why they have now started going down this secretive test regime with Ferrari and Mercedes, without notifying the other teams is yet to be identified.
Crucially, though, a 2011-spec car was used which had been provided by Ferrari’s Corse Clienti program and not their Formula 1 team.

It had always kept the teams abreast of its activities, including the distribution of official reports after each test that, in part, confirmed Lotus would not gain any advantage. In terms of running an old car, the matter is quite irrelevant, because it is totally within the rules.

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