Who'd have thought a humble chocolate bar would have created such a stir on the DYR website? Hardle anyone i talk to remembers the chocolate bar secret.I remember how yummy that it was.
Omg i soooooo loved this when u was younger i sooooo wanna try it again :PBRING IT BACK PLEASE!!!
Please bring bac the Secret bar.I remember taking a stroll to the shop with my nan just so she could buy me one. OMG, my daughter has been asking me for days about this chocolate bar, I used to buy her one after school each day, then looked on the net and here you all are remembering this lovely gooy heaven in a packet chocolate bar. The Secret Chocolate bar was made by Nestle in the 80's and 90's and was one of the most delicious treats ever. Unfortunately the Secret Chocolate Bar was withdrawn from sale due to the high production costs and low volume of sales.

Does anyone remember a chocolate shaped Panda which was filled with fondant and it had a foil wrapper round it? In the 80s I used to have chocoalate bars that had pictures of monsters or something on them, I think there was also a thundercats type one and when you bit into it it had red gooey stuff.
I loved this bar, it was sad to find out they had gone, it wasn't an overnight thing they just started to become harder to find till they were no longer anywhere. I was only about 5 and since then i have been trying to remember what it was called until only the other day i finally found someone who actually knew what i was talking about once i had explained what it looked like. I understand Nestle have confirmed the bar was stopped due to the production costs, however I believe that people would be prepared to pay around 75p to have these bars back.
It had a sort of bird's nest chocolate outer with a creamy mousse center similar to the inside of a Walnut Whip.
So far we have had over 230 comments added on the site from Secret Chocolate Bar addicts who still seem to be suffering withdrawal symptoms.One of DYR's visitors has set up a petition calling for the return of the Secret Chocolate Bar and hundreds have people have signed up already.

I thought for a bit and said I don't really have a Favourite, though I had seen the new Secret Bar and asked why!
They came in a white protective card sleeve and apparently had a gold wrapper with the word Secret written on it in purple. After all, a petition to bring back the Wispa bar persuaded Cadbury's to begin production again.

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