Secret To Happy Life Pinterest Pictures, Secret To Happy Life Facebook Images, Secret To Happy Life Photos for Tumblr. A very uncomplicated myth is taking hold in our culture, that our perilous drift away from roles based on gender essentialism (women raise kids, men lift heavy objects and sweat) is destroying our sex lives.
You really don’t want to go to work today, and your stomach does feel a little icky, so you take a sick day.
But what if I could show you how we have this backwards, and what the true secret to better work is?
Something we teach a lot about here and that could go on this infographic is the need to understand yourself. Linked to this in a company newsletter, and I totally spelled your name wrong when attributing it. How is it that some kids are so sunny, bright and, well, HAPPY all the time?!Try these five parenting tips from author Cathy Glass, author of Happy Kids: The Secret to Raising Well-Behaved, Contented Children (Harper).

Consistency between parents and other family caregivers is important because children learn how to be in the world by observing the behavior of the people around them. For instance, if your child screams and throws a toy, remove your child from the play area and talk to him, rather than taking away his television privileges for a week. Other studies have shown the opposite: that men get more sex when their wives are happier, and wives are happier when husbands help out with the housework. Discipline kids by teaching them a better way, rather than yelling at blaming or shaming them. And conservatives love to quote an old health survey showing that evangelical women have better sex. And as a person who would not feel all that sexy having to cook and clean up every night while my husband kicks back and watches the game, this feels intuitively correct. Your kids should know there are certain rules that aren’t breakable (such as not hitting siblings, no playing with balls in the house).

If it is true that less-equal marriages have more sex, it’s not because the men are doused with sexy man pheromones when they fix the car engine but refuse to wipe the counter.
If couples where men load the dishwashers have less sex, it’s probably because both parents are so busy and overworked that everyone has to pitch in on all chores, and everyone is tired. Your hubby comes home after a hard day's work, you get the baby to bed, and he is going to be looking forward to that time with you. Also, Duggars aside, we live at a moment when a family’s evening life focuses around the children, and although Ayelet Waldman got in trouble for saying it, that may not be so sexy either.

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