And when you don't think you need to experience any more hurt, it's all too easy just to back down from the fight and let someone else absorb the suffering.
You can't be a better leader without learning from your mistakes and developing the humility to adaptA when you get it wrong. You can't win at sports or politics or business without experiencing embarrassing setbacks that make you question how prepared you are to win. Instead of thinking about suffering as if you're being treated unfairly, think about the lessons you're learning.
Or you can quietly reassure yourself that this moment is what enables you to achieve your goals. When I played water polo in college I had a routine that kept me in the pool for two hours starting at 5:30 AM and for three and a half hours past 2 PM.
While it’s unusual for the head of a company to cop to sleeping on the job, I credit these sacred siestas with my success as an entrepreneur and as a leader. Increasingly, there is recognition that a non-stop work life doesn’t cut it for most people. More CEOs should recognize their hours of peak performance and acknowledge that their employees need breaks during the day to keep doing their most creative work. I’ve found that after going back to work after a short nap, I’m able to revisit ideas or conversations and come up with better ideas or solutions. At the heart of a brand building process is a brand experience built on the interactions between a company and its customers. Millions of words have been written and thousands of books have been published on the subject of branding.
Companies that want to build strong B2B brands should start by rallying their employees, build their brands from within, and make sure their leadership team clearly articulates and lives the company’s purpose and promise.

Denise Lee Yohn -- branding consultant to such brands as Sony, Frito-Lay and New Balance — discusses how companies can operationalize their brands to grow their business. Larry Levine, the VP of Sales and Marketing at Teledyne Controls shares insights on the recent branding of a division of Teledyne Technologies, Inc. Did that help you? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and get registered for Thursday’s free online workshop.
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Taking on any more is just overwhelming a€” but suffering is also the secret to being successful. When I wasn’t swimming, I was studying, eating and taking a mid-day nap that helped me power through school and sports. Over summer, the city government in Seoul, South Korea, told city workers that they could nap at work. It wasn’t enough to ditch timesheets and allow our team to come and go at hours that are best for them.

We launched our new brand name on May 12th, 2014 after months of hard work and late nights. Hughes, a professional public speaker and leadership coach, discusses the similarities between personal branding and corporate branding. And Mexico’s Carlos Slim, one of the world’s wealthiest businessmen, argues that professionals should work longer hours but fewer days a week so that they have more time to relax and be creative.
Others were quick to mention famous nap lovers with bold-faced names, including Thomas Edison, Lyndon Johnson and John D. It is important for me, as a leader, to show that it’s important for everyone to know when and how we perform at our best. But everyone can benefit from a mid-day stroll, time reading a book or coffee with a friend. In fact, I consider my mid-day break so important to good decision-making that I very rarely react to or make a call on an internal issue at our company before I’ve—well—slept on it.
While I still choose to snooze in a parking lot away from our office, our team knows my routine. Almost every day since I co-founded our brand strategy firm 20 years ago, I have ducked out of the office around that time for a quick snooze. Most often, this means I drive my car to a parking lot with shade trees away from our office in Irvine, Calif. When I’m working from our New York City office, where parking lots and shade trees are hard to find, I try to return to my hotel for a quick mid-day shut eye.

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