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Aerial bombardments weighed heavy on the minds of Chinese military planners in the taut decades of the Cold War, and protecting their fledgling jet fleet was of paramount importance.To keep their planes and equipment from the prying eyes of satellites, and the earth shattering bombs of an aerial attack, China built an elaborate set of underground bunkers. China began construction of its 40 or so hidden bases in the 1950s, and though some have fallen out of military use and are open the public as museums many are harboring China’s newest military might. Carlo Kopp from Air Power Australia published a monograph on China’s underground air bases, and what it would take to bring them down may surprise you.
Without the revenue generated from advertising, we would be unable to provide this great content free of charge. Those that remain are barricaded and normally protected by the army of whatever country they exist.A secret tunnel system with its own metro which mirrors the Moscow subway is supposedly in existence to this very day.

There are merely second-hand accounts of the construction or people who have apparently stumbled upon it while working in sewers or the public subway. No photographs or official declassified Russian government documents exist about either the tunnel system or alleged underground Russian bases.All that said, it may very well be true. American military intelligence are convinced of its existence and have released various reports with plausible evidence to back up their claims.More importantly, the trend of the Russians to go underground and keep quiet about it cannot be ignored. Soldiers and workers involved in the construction of verified underground tunnels were well warned about talking. Also, in the days of Soviet Russia, manpower wouldn’t have been a problem.Until the Kremlin declassifies all documents relating to secret tunnels (almost no chance of that if it’s still in use) and underground Russian bases, we will never no for sure. He is an IT analyst, blogger, journalist, and a researcher for the truth behind strange stories.

Freelance writer and editor for over 17 years, she loves to read and loves fringe science and conspiracy theory.Top Secret Writers Gabrielle is a journalist who finds strange stories the media misses, and enlightens readers about news they never knew existed.
Whittington, from Houston, Texas, frequently writes on space, science, political commentary and political culture.

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