In the comfort of his lavish Rumpus Room, Goldfinger tells the Mob bosses about his plans to knock off Fort Knox, only to kill them right afterwards. Goldfinger uses this control panel to control the rest of the gadgets in the room, to the bedazzlement of the mobsters, who are at first very wary.
The first switch Goldfinger presses activates the canopy above the large windows, that fold down to block out all of the light. Goldfinger activates another switch, and a large section of the floor hinges upwards and folds against the wall, to reveal a large canvas. Goldfinger proceeds to explain to the mobsters that the vaults of the Fort Knox contain $1 billion, the entire gold supply of the United States. A section of the floor slides open to reveal a scale model of the surrounding areas of Fort Knox. Bond then walks down a concrete walled corridor, and stumbles into the lab below Goldfinger's rumpus room. He manages to write down a summary of Goldfinger's plans, just before Pussy Galore grabs his feet, and knocks him down.
The technician turns the last fatal lever, and a compartment with three canisters of the fatal Delta Nine Nerve gas rises from one of the tables, and activates, killing all of the gangsters in the room.
Goldfinger had successfully used the mobsters, getting them to do work for him by enticing them with a million dollar contract. The film was considered a modernization of the series, and helped propel the film into a younger generation. I mean, it’s hard to argue against a game series that puts you in the shoes of the most deadly and suave secret agent the world has ever seen.
Goldeneye 007, widely considered by many to be one of the greatest shooters of all time, was able to alter the course of console games forever. Face it, those who played Goldeneye 007 have the fondest memories of playing split-screen with their buddies and enjoying the multiplayer mode. It’s one thing to share a universe with an established franchise, it’s another thing entirely to faithfully recreate the events, bridging the mediums together and providing a very supplemental experience of the movie. Goldeneye 007 contains 18 single player missions, with two secret missions and three different gameplay difficulties, each of the missions containing differing missions objectives depending on the selected difficulty. Goldeneye 007 contained an expansive list of cheat codes that could make the game absolutely bonkers. The multiplayer component of Goldeneye 007 enjoyed the entire cast of the Goldeneye film, plus various characters from other Bond movies. Goldeneye 007 did something really clever: the selectable multiplayer modes (with the exception of Death Match) were named after Bond Films.
Goldeneye 007 defined a generation of video gamers, and the game has gone a few changes and updations after it's release. After taking a look at the original, what do these other games help add to the strength of the series? Goldeneye: Rogue Agent contains faithful adaptations of important locations in the James Bond Universe. The release of 2010’s Goldeneye was met with plenty of fanfare as the developer announced the intention to replace Pierce Brosnan’s likeness for the current actor of James Bond at the time, Daniel Craig. Goldeneye (2010) offered a choice to players for how they wished to experience the game, and offered support for multiple play styles and controlling inputs.

GoldenEye 007: Reloaded, the remastering of GoldenEye 007 (Nintendo Wii) improved these features further, by adding high definition support, achievements and trophies, along with additions to multiplayer characters and modes.
Celebrate Bond Day on October 5th, with a few movies and some classic James Bond multiplayer action! Fans who have played Soda Drinker Pro and found the secret game within the game, Vivian Clark, will be happy to know that it's fully integrated into the next-gen port.
The Xbox One version of Soda Drinker Pro is currently scheduled to come out in September this year. He opens his speech by telling them that they can have their million that day, or $10 million the next day. This is in fact a sly trick, as it's the first step in sealing the room, so that the mobsters can later be gassed. The canvas contains a very large blow up aerial photograph of the Fort Knox gold depository. He climbs onto the hydraulic device that rises the Fort Knox model, and eavesdrops on Goldfinger's speech, peering through the slots of the model depository.
After Bond is escorted out of the room, a technician comes in and puts on a gas mask, ready to seal the room above, and gas the mobsters. He had then invited them to his Kentucky home, gained their respect by divulging his plans, and then killed them. Solo is given his $1 million in gold, and is escorted to the airport by Goldfinger's henchman Oddjob. Following a six-year hiatus of legal disputes, the legendary spy film series was revitalized with the introduction of a new Bond (Pierce Brosnan). To coincide with the release of the film, a game would be exclusively developed and published on the Nintendo 64.
Before it’s release, the video game first-person shooters were limited almost exclusively to PCs. Despite the fact that the original Goldeneye 007 was on the Nintendo 64 (a console with only ONE joystick, mind you!), the development team was able to craft a game with a balanced movement speed and custom-aiming mechanic. Cheats like Unlimited Ammo, All Weapons, and Invincibility could be turned on and campaign missions could be a walk-in-the-park slaughter of enemies, but cheat codes could ALSO be turned on in multiplayer.
These modes were actually wholly unique for the time, and it is very interesting to see a multiplayer mode crafted after a movie, instead of just borrowing a name.
Some of these multiplayer stages include Fort Knox from Goldfinger, the space shuttle base from Moonraker, as well as Scaramanga’s hideout from Man from the Golden Gun. What made this release so entertaining was simply the novelty of putting a new actor into an older actor’s film. Four player local split-screen was still support and online matches could host up to 8 players. The game included support for the Wii Remote with Nunchuk, Wii Zapper, Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro, or a Nintendo Gamecube controller.
The game supported Playstation Move controls for the Playstation 3, which helped bring the uniqueness of the Wii’s motion controls to another console.
Brierly stated that there will be exclusive features and levels for the Xbox One titled Drinking Soda through time. To keep the audience's attention, the room was filled with ingenious gadgets, that added some fun to Goldfinger's bold speech.

Bond climbs up to the rafters and jumps on the guard as he comes into the cell, knocking him out.
In the film, James Bond attempts to prevent an illegal arms syndicate from using a highly advanced satellite weapon, called GoldenEye, from threatening the world into a global financial crisis. Developed by Rare and published by Nintendo, Goldeneye 007 (Nintendo 64) would forever alter the history of videogames forever. Taking control of the secret agent yourself, being able to personally interact with characters you know and love from the movies? Sure, you couldn’t move and aim at the same time, but the developers saw to this problem with a very intuitive auto-aiming system. Playing through stages recreated from the movie, and performing actions mirrored to the movie. For example, The Man With the Golden Gun is a multiplayer mode where one character spawns with one-shot kill weapon of the Golden Gun. The player is briefed before missions by none other than Francisco Scaramanga (actually voiced by Christopher Lee!).
The game also managed to alter the plot slightly, with the entirety of the story taking place after the Cold War (with Russia replacing the Soviet Union).
With four different offline game modes and nine different online game modes, the free multiplayer helped improve above the aspects of the original. Multiplayer modes also support the use of all of these controllers, which definitely makes it easy when you have company over and want to get a local match in.
He then reaches for a switch at the side of the table, and the whole mid-section flips over and swizzles round to reveal a control panel. The technician in the lab below presses a leaver that seals off the fireplace, so that the gas will be contained in the room. It is widely considered to be THE most important game in the history of first-person shooters, establishing many features and approaches that would be considered vital to game design, including varied mission objectives, zoomable weapons, stealth elements, and local multiplayer. Nowadays, first-person shooters can be considered the most successful genre of console games, with series such as Call of Duty setting multiple sell records. The game set the bar very high on strength of a 4 player split-screen model, and it’s difficult to see more modern games phasing this local component out of their multiplayer modes.
Playing as villains such as Baron Samedi and Jaws was always a good way to be intimidating too! Not only that, but the player’s actions throughout the single player can directly resulting in killing off major Bond characters. This modernization created a unique hybrid; with new exciting new events filling out a familiar experience.
The game also retained some of the original’s multiplayer staples, including the use of Bond characters and gameplay modifiers like paintball mode.

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