Secret Valley Seeds specializes in creating connoisseur quality strains suitable for the harsher outdoor environments in northern climates. This hybrid of the Purple Pineberry that we have made with our male is a great hardy plant that boasts a pine scent and fast flowering time.
Very dependable outdoor strain with a delicious flavor, finishes with a purple hue in the last few weeks of September. We are working more with this plant so watch in the future for some earlier more hardy versions of this strain.

Northern Lights, Thai, Grapefruit, and Hawaiian Sativa make up this variety in our own secret combination. The consumers always choose this strain when given a choice, it smells so dank and packs a big punch. Very few days to veg before flipping to flowering (4 days veg), clone plant stretches 12-16 inches in first 2 weeks with many tight bud sights in between. Good yielding Jamaican sativa hybrid that has been selected for better yields and sweet fruity flavours.

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