Lifehacker UK is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. In the beginning of the video, the designer is seen placing the bag on a wall or table at eye-level, so that viewers can get a sense of the atmosphere.The purse cut-out offers a sort of fish-eye perspective, shifting from a straight-on viewpoint to sideways and even upside-down at times. Model behavior: Karolina Kurkova touches up a female friend's make-up in her layered Marchesa gown. Unique perspective: Despite a sometimes obscured view, the film offers a fascinating look at the aspects of the Ball you might not see otherwise. Reactions to Ms Rowley's sly ruse have been varied, with some voicing their concern that she won't be invited back to the ball.'That seems like it would be illegal to me,' wrote one MailOnline reader.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. VenueVenueGet started with your planning by browsing our comprehensive lists of wedding venues in your local area. If you're planning to create your very own wedding reception venue in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire or other areas in the South West region, then Modern Marquees' comprehensive and bespoke services are more than worthy of your consideration. Modern Marquees have over 30 years' experience in the trade, so you can be confident that with a hard-earned reputation to uphold, they will provide a fully reliable service throughout the entire process. Get in touch with owner James and discuss your requirements by clicking on the 'Email this business' button above, or reveal the phone number and give them a call.

Modern Marquees is run by James Stuart-Menteth and his family, who have been providing bespoke venues and portable shelters for events as far back as 1982. The mainstay of the Modern Marquees fleet, these large enclosures are designed to preclude the necessity for cumbersome supporting poles underneath the structure itself. These marquees can be decorated entirely to your preference, with linings, furniture, equipment and much more at your disposal - see the Additional Services page for further information. From subtle star canopies to simple hanging globe lights or elegant chandeliers, Modern Marquees can provide a theme-sensitive range of lighting solutions. Put on the evening reception party of your dreams - have Modern Marquees select the most ideal equipment for the configuration of your event, including a dancefloor, sound-system and disco lights. Modern Marquees have access to a wide range of flooring types, from wooden-effect through to luxury carpets.
The company can provide generators (with backups) for a strong and reliable source of electrical power. Hosting your wedding in a marquee is no simple task - hundreds of elements have to come together in perfect harmony for a marquee event to go smoothly and at the optimum convenience for your guests. Let others know what you think of Modern Marquees by giving a star rating and a small review. Choose the number of stars you want to give this business (drag your mouse over the stars or click one).

They offer a choice of modern or traditional marquees, along with a range of additional services such as dancefloor hire, PA systems, portable toilets, lighting and sundry items which are difficult to find on their own (but your DIY wedding won't work without them!). His background involved him setting the scene and providing marquees for events both large and small, his services extending beyond the simple construction of marquees. This gives your wedding party lots more room to play with, no obstructions for viewing entertainment such as live music, and it will allow you to invite more guests!
Make's guide shows how to set up the Raspberry Pi so it records motion, then allows you to tap into that from anywhere. Once you have everything set up, you can hide the Pi and spy from pretty much anywhere you want.
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