Keep your most valuable possessions safe and secure with Console Vault's newest and most innovative product yet - the Red Herring Wall Safe. Description: Go on a journey with Tinker Bell and her fairy friends into the Mysterious Winter Woods. Dit zouden we wel willen hebben, een geheime kamer in je huis waar alleen jij de ingang van weet. Open the Red Herring's cover and you're presented with what looks like a typical fuse box with a combo lock for extra electrical security. The removable wall decals of Tinker Bell, Rosetta, Iridessa, Silvermist, Fawn, and Periwinkle, the new Frost Fairy, are easy to apply, remove, and reposition. However, your everyday fuse box is actually an ingenious wall safe providing your firearm, documents, and other personal possessions the finest in security. Each set includes the Fairies in warm winter clothing, as well as their traditional clothes, and plenty of flowers, swirls, and snowflakes. And all in plain sight.The Red Herring Wall Safe offers you several levels of security, all of which is in your control.
Stick up the winter-themed decals for the colder seasons, or apply them all year-round for even more fun!
Whether you're looking for easy and instant access for situations of low light or need to take advantage of the 1000 possible lock combinations and two separate mechanical latching systems for matters of high security, the security level is entirely up to you.

The Red Herring Wall Safe's primary lock can be set to either one or two digits off for quick access in low-light situations. For belongings requiring the utmost in security, scramble the passcode in full on the combo lock and take advantage of the Red Herring Wall Safe's two separate latching systems.The Red Herring Wall Safe's secondary latching system is discrete, effective and the only sort of its kind. In order to ensure the security of our customers, we share the details of the latching system only between ourselves and the owners of the Red Herring Wall Safe. Regardless, we can say that you will be thoroughly impressed by this innovative addition that adds an extra level of security that is simply unmatched.Great for the home or office, the Red Herring Diversion Wall Safe is also a fantastic method for security professionals to discretely outfit institutions with firearms for security breaches. With the Red Herring Diversion Wall Safe, you can safely store handguns and other essentials without a compromise of accessibility.
The Red Herring Wall Safe can be placed in frequently traveled hallways, meeting rooms, and more, all within clear view.
No one has any reason to suspect the fuse box is anything more than what its design implies.As with all Console Vault products, the Red Herring Diversion Wall Safe is made with the finest materials and manufactured right here in the United States. The Red Herring's door is made of 12 gauge cold-rolled plate steel and the interior safe is crafted with the additional security of 16 gauge plate steel walls.
The Red Herring Wall Safe has also received the meticulous attention to detail you've come to expect from Console Vault - tab and notch seams are welded by expert craftsmen and drill-resistant locks are included. The Red Herring also has a convenient and easily accessible gun holster built directly into the door of your diversion wall safe.Installation is also incredibly simple for the Red Herring Wall Safe.

The Red Herring is also entirely manually operated, requiring no electrical or battery power of any sort. A wide perimeter flange is also included in order to hide any uneven drywall cuts, all the while eliminating any need for drywall repair or painting after installation.Those looking to safely secure handguns and other prized possessions without a sacrifice of accessibility have found their answer with Console Vault's Red Herring Diversion Wall Safe. Our new Triple Guard Lock System incorporates a latch design similar to the pins used in the doors of bank vaults, an overall improvement that greatly increases security.The design also includes a front channel that incorporates the lid into the body of the vault itself, ultimately eliminating stress from the physical lock. When it arrived, what a pleasant surprise it was when I opened the box and saw how HEAVY duty and easy to install. Expecting to get a recording, I spoke to a real person who transferred me immediately to the right individual who helped me solve my problem. We found it to be easy and the unit fit snug and bolts to the studs internally for security. The design is brilliantly clever, it's made right here in the United States, the wall safe enables you to keep your valuables hidden in plain sight and with awesome security, etc.I know I shouldn't, but I love to show this safe off to all of my friends when they visit.
They're always completely confused when I first show them the panel, and nearly everyone doesn't want to touch the fuses for fear of being shocked.

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