In fact we're such big fans that we bug Marvel as much as possible for the latest art and information.
Though the fourth issue is still several weeks away, we snagged a first glimpse at what's to come. New factions have entered the battle, including the secretive Soviet-era cabal known as Leviathan. When Fury originally recovered information about the Great Wheel, it listed Virgo only as "Il Professore." Thanks to Secret Warriors #25, we know his real name. Men like Nick Fury, Baron Strucker, and Leviathan's leader Orion are all united in this Great Wheel. Kraken is a man whose self-professed calling is to help others "become who they are supposed to be." Kraken has paid visits to fellow HYDRA members over the years and given them little pushes along the path of destiny. In this feature, we explore the 12 members of the Great Wheel as revealed in the preview for Secret Warriors #25. And together with Baron Strucker, he worked tirelessly for the day when the two could return to the halls of Pieta and stand atop the corpses of Nick Fury and Viktor Uvarov. Two years prior to the present day events of Secret Warriors, an ailing Whitehall was visited by a mysterious assassin.
Jacob grew to despise his brother and turned to villainy rather than help him in defending the planet. Killing Whitehall in his bed, the assassin donned the helmet and took on both the appearance and the mission of Kraken.

Jacob allied himself with the terrorist organization Zodiac, eventually overthrowing former leader Taurus and battling both his brother and the Avengers. Does he still seek the advancement of HYDRA, or is he actually working for one of the other factions in this war? Since the initial meeting of the Great Wheel, Uvarov has taken on a new name with astrological leanings – Orion. This villain led Leviathan during the dark days of the Cold War and was frozen in suspended animation sometime before the fall of the Soviet Union. However, given the nature of comics in general and the Fury family in particular, we wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that Jacob is still alive and working toward his own ends.
Having recently been awoken by Magadan and Contessa, Orion wasted little time in resuming his feud with Nick Fury and Baron Strucker. He dressed in insectoid armor similar to that of Leviathan's many faceless captains and possessed great strength and skill in battle. It was Magadan who welcomed Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine into the ranks of Leviathan, and he who finally awoke Viktor Uvarov from his decades of suspended animation. Even Nick Fury fears him, ranking him alongside Viktor Uvarov as the most dangerous man in this group of 12.
He was assassinated by John Garrett and Sebastian Druid, who made the killing appear to be HYDRA's doing. Like so many great and powerful men throughout history, Leonardo served as an agent of The Shield, firm in his belief that nothing was beyond the reach of humankind.

Garrett distinguished himself early on by fighting alongside Elektra against The Hand and their demonic master, The Beast. With the old Shield having broken, Leonardo is apparently now setting about gathering 11 other men of great destiny who can shape the world as he and his colleagues once did. It's true that, even during the Renaissance, Leonardo was capable of designing fantastical weapons that rivaled anything heroes like Mister Fantastic and Iron Man have to offer. If his war against Newton corrupted him, it's easy to imagine why Leonardo could now rank as a serious threat to the entire world. However, as the war against HYDRA and Leviathan grew, Nick Fury pulled this old weapon out of storage.
And as The Hand has splintered into rival factions in recent years, Soma still ruled within the Second City of the Twilight Dawn, home of The Hand's Resurrection Temple.
Baron Strucker's men slaughtered the Hand ninjas within and forced Soma to resurrect the shattered remains of The Gorgon.

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