Kalypso Media made sure they had some form of presence at this year?s Electronic Entertainment Expo, including showcasing a number of new games that they have slated for release across multiple platforms. Players will be able to choose from a number of authentic World War II planes as players will blaze through a campaign, completing bombing runs, dog fights and even taking out ground troops. The game wouldn?t be complete without some fast and furious multiplayer, and up to eight players can go head-to-head, battling in online dogfights to see who the superior aerial aviator is.
One of their upcoming titles that looks rather unique is a flight simulator called Air Conflicts: Secret Wars and they released some new screenshots for the realistic looking simulator.

You can check out the new screenshots below or head to the Official Website to learn more about Air Conflicts: Secret Wars. Nothing you dream of is impossible for me to accomplish!" With those words began an era of change rarely rivaled before or since as an awesome entity set heroes and villains against each other, only to learn that the difference between the two was not so clear-cut as it seemed! Loyalties, loves, and line-ups change in the mini-series where one world's battles shook a universe!
And with the weight of an entire mountain range above them, how do they go about their desperate fight for survival?

All the answers can be found in the book that takes you deeper into the classic events of the Secret Wars, and pulls the lid off stories that were left untold!

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